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    patagonia waders [breathable ]size xl stocking feet new and unused ,one size to small for me swap for simalar quality waders or £150.00
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    single hander rod

    im looking for a 10 ft seven weight rod if anyone has one for sale thanks
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    Kerry seatrout

    Im of to kerry the last week in july and the first week in august can anyone spread some love on river,s and saltwater tactics contacts and the best time of the year etc thanks in advance
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    lost the tip section of my greys 9,ft 6 four piece 7/8 rod phoned up greys they dont make them anymore ,they checked my gaurantee and offered me a new rod half price so i went for it ,treated myself to a 9ft 6ins 7 weight ,six piece top of the range G 70 travel rod well pleased with the result...
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    regal medallion vice

    hi guys could anyone tell me where i can get a long neck stem for my regal vice pls regards speycaster
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    greys rod

    looking for a top section for my greys 9 ft 6 7/8 four piece travel rod if any one has one thanks
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    diving suit repair

    has anybody got diver dave,s phone number many thanks
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    a good days tying

    a few of the new vice getting back into it ps need some decent jungle cock lol
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    a, blue charm of the new vice

    a bit tatty but its been a long time lol comments pls
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    hi guys has anybody got the tying instructions for the above fly pls , i think thats how you spell it
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    new vice4

    well had my op can now see why they said i will be out untill may broke my ankle and reset it sitting here feelingn sorry for my self so ive just treated myself to a regal medallion vice that will cheer me up lol probally tie some weird flies though on these painkillers lol
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    Oh well

    just about ready for the first season in three on the river due to ops [two complete knee replacements )and here we go again another op lol never mind be all done and recovered by end of may cant wait lol old fishermen dont die they limp ha ha
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    seatrout favs

    what are your three fav seatrout flies and why , mine are teal blue and silver on the dropper and black rat , a altteritive would be the alexandra i carry them in different sizes , doubles , singles and tubes by the way all my hooks are debarbed these days with this set up i am allways...
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    well the swelling has gone down the pain very managable will be on the riveras soon as the weather settles cant belive my luck with the new knees somebody must be looking after me ha ha watch out fishies her i come , just sorted all my gear out ,new waders new flies im chasing the grayling...
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    fishing /good news

    well im so glad i ddint listen to the doc,s and sell all my gear had another op 4 weeks ago to repair the second total knee replacement and i can finally walk, at this rate i will be back on the river early next year cant wait to get amongst the salmon and seatrout oh , how i have missed it...
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    right here we go with some of the river gear scott s4 4 piece 9ft 6 weight great condition £250.00 scott e2 matt finnish [anti glare ] 10ft 8 weight greta condition £175.00 patagonia breathable waders [watermasters] brand new in box £ 175.00 sage euro 9 weight four piece double hander fair cond...
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    snowbee 2d floating spey line

    hi im after a snowbee 2d floaing spey line in good condition pls cash waiting
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    ripped to pieces

    Well got the letter back from the solicitor today, my wife died in vain there is nothing i can do (she was given a heart with pulmary heart disiese) this world stinks!
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    ripped to pieces

    well hasnt my night mare year just got better, if it wasnt bad enough losing my wife to a mistake during a heart transplant last june, it gets better my eldest son has just had a cardiac arrest [32] years old thankfully he survived but under went a five hour operation and is still very...
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    snowbee 2d sink tip

    snowbee 2d sink tip used twice excellent condition £25.00 inc postage