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    1 million salmon lost from sea cage

    Bakkafrost a company I never heard off, has just announced the loss of 1,000,000 salmon ca 4-5 lb each from a cage in the Faroe Islands! But it is all OK, they were insured. It is just a joke! I wonder where and when they will turn up.
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    Irish Times article on Salmon farming

    I really think you need to read this article, printed on the 26 Dec. I will not spoil it for you, but if you get past the first two paragraphs with out spitting your dummy out, you did better than me. Clearly paid for by the salmon farming industry. It asks you for your comments. Please do not...
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    Early Spring

    I am over 50 and I do not remember a earlier start to Spring. I now live on the hills above Edinburgh and found frogs spawning today. By the amount of spawn there they must have started in February. Now I know last year was the complete opposite but we must be several weeks earlier than normal...
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    Should overweight people pay more for clothes or for flights?

    If I have to pay more for sugar in my coke I think it has to be the next Tax they will force on us?
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    Lessons learned?

    Mid Feb and 4 fish caught in Ireland from what I can see on line. Everyone with a big blue tag in its mouth. Why do we kill all the Spring fish we catch! Scotland does not kill its spring fish. They have their issues as well but at least their anglers can not take the blame for it. The Tay...
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    BBC Scotland, Reporting Scotland 14 Feb

    I can not believe what I just watched on the BBC. I fund these idiots. Wild fish infect the poor salmon fish farms. They allowed the Salmon Industry to say it was all under control and natural. Not one mention of the problem fish farms cause to wild fish. Only the cost will go up as the lice...