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  1. bencarvosso

    Savage gear stickle blade

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone had used these at sea for sea trout... Someone had mentioned to me about them and have some on order. Nice small sizes 6 and 10gram I have used the sandeel line thru and the seaker
  2. bencarvosso

    Gentian violet

    I was wondering if anyone had any links to buy some of this... The one person I contacted on eBay was out of it at the moment. Or if anyone cared to sell a little I would be hugely greatfull Cheers Ben
  3. bencarvosso

    Dying shrimp

    I managed to get some shrimp locally off the beach and tried dying them with some carp boilie dye. For the boiling process i followed some advice off here. Some glyco vinegar and salted boiling water with the dye. The dye didn't take too well but I suspect that's the dye I used. I have been...
  4. bencarvosso


    Hi I joined on here back in 2018 I think but haven't contributed and not been on since So thought would introduce myself Living in sligo 12 years, originally from Dublin. I fish for many different species but most summer's from July till end of season I fish for salmon. Lucky with where...