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    Like 👍
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    some recent ghillies and cascades

    Crackers really like the Gillie well tied 👍
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    Kylie shrimp

    Like it 👍
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    Clyde raiders

    Like them👍
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    modern classics

    Well tied like them ?
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    Mini green butt

    Cracker will be tying up one!?
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    Green butt tubes

    Like ? will be tying some up!
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    Green butt my style

    Cracker like it ?
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    Line advice.

    Thinking of purchasing a barrio switch line for my air flow nantec 7wt switch rod cannot decide between 6-7wt or 7-8wt any advice cheers F1.
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    So it begins

    Like the second one ?
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    3 sunray variants

    The white on a waddington shank has served me well ?
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    Monkey witch

    Like it ?
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    Willie Gun - longtail shrimp style

    Cracking fly’s well tied ?
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    Bann Special

    Like well tied had 2 on this pattern recently ?
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    Black tail Bann Special

    Cracker ?
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    Even more boar bristles flees

    Like the last one ?
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    A couple Brass Tubes

    Cracking fly’s ?
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    Curry's Red Shrimp

    Cracker well tied ?
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    Jordys first all by himself on cascade

    What a birthday cracker of a fish well done ?