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    Barrio Switch 8/9 for sale.SOLD

    Barrio Switch line 8/9 for sale. Brand new in box, never even seen a reel. Olive and white. i bought it last year and haven’t used it. So given the shortage; thought I really ought to sell it to somebody who needs it ! £35 including UK mainland delivery.SOLD please form an orderly...
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    OPST Commando head 400g SOLD

    For sale: OPST Commando head 400g. 16.5ft, 5m. Suit appropriate switch rod or short double hander. Used but very serviceable condition. Only for sale because I have a new set of Airflo Scout equivalents. £25 inc U.K. mainland delivery.SOLD Please PM any interest. Thanks in advance.
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    LTS S3 9/10 line

    For sale: LTS S3 39 gram 9/10 line. Float/Hover/Inter. 13 metres long, pale buff colour. on original spool and boxed. looks unused, at worst test cast only. I bought it here last year and haven’t even cast it. £35 inc U.K. mainland postage. please PM any interest.
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    Grey’s XF2 T series rod. 13ft 8 wt.

    Grey’s XF2 T series rod for sale. 13ft 8wt. 4 piece. Rated for a 33g shooting head. Works well with a 510g head. Lovely rod and more than a whiff of Hardy about it. Action is very suitable for shooting heads - despite the ‘T’ classification. See the various comments in the ‘Rods’ section of...
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    Airflo Skagit FIST 660

    Airflo Skagit FIST 660 g line for sale. Unused with original spool and box. I bought two and only really need one. Excellent line. £35 including U.K. mainland delivery
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    Rio AFS 9/10 head

    Rio AFS 9/10 38g floating shooting head for sale. Very light use, excellent condition. original spool, but no box. just for clarification. This is a shooting head, not an integrated line. £30 including U.K. mainland delivery.
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    24 gram (7/8) Snowbee XS line

    Snowbee XS Scandinavian Spey line available. 24 gram (7/8) floating, integrated line. Head 44ft, line 150ft. Braided loops fitted to both ends (not by me). Very good condition. Complete with spool, box and tube of line cleaner. £25 inc UK delivery.
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    NT8 6 piece rods at John Norris

    If anybody is looking for an early Xmas present there are a few ex demo NT8 6 piece rods on offer at John Norris today..... I 've just paid for a 9/10 and its the most expensive rod I have ever bought, despite the serious discount !!
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    Century 12ft 9” 9-11 rod for sale.

    Century Stealth 12ft 9” 4 piece rod for sale. Rated 9-11 but will cast a wide variety of lines (see comments in the ‘Rods ‘ section of the forum for more detail). Complete with full set of butt weights and spare screw). Supplied in original Century sectioned tube. Very good, lightly used...
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    'My Hermes' courier issues

    Just a quick warning to folk on here that my Hermes couriers seem to have lost the plot recently. I have used them in the past to send rods and they have been fine, but recent events here (Glos) have proved less successful. 3 recent deliveries have been either hugely delayed or returned to...
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    LXi T-pac 12ft 9" 8/9 ?

    Can anybody here comment on the above rod ? They are now on offer at John Norris and I'm tempted to buy one and replace my equivalent Hardy 4 piece with it. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how I look at it) the Hardy is a Zenith and is quite hard to replace. The...
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    Airflo Skagit Scout line wanted.

    Does anybody have an unwanted Skagit Scout line please ? Needs to be 390, 420 or 450 grain and in good fishable condition. I would also be interested in an OPST Commando equivalent if the price was halfway sensible ! Thanks in advance.
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    Level Tungsten - T.11 or similar wanted.

    Airflo appear to be sold out of their 30ft reels of 350 grain level tungsten (T.11 equivalent). They have stock of the heavier variants (500+). Does anybody have a spare pack of the 350 or 400g variety; or a supply of straight T.11 ? I need enough for a couple of 10-15 ft tips. Any...
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    LTS Explosive Travel 13ft 6” 9/10.

    I have just acquired one of these travel rods. There is no line info marked on the rod or much info on the LTS website .....The seller suggested 34-38g max. A recent thread about the 7/8 version suggested 8/9 lines - so now I’m a little confused. I’m particularly interested in short Scandi...
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    Airflo F.I.S.T. 660 line swap ?

    I have an unused F.I.S.T. 660 g skagit line available (somehow I have ended up with two identical lines). Happy to swap for a 570 or 600 equivalent. Please PM any interest.....
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    Skagit line 600g wanted

    I'm looking for a skagit line, 600 - 630 g for some experimentation. Ideally a Gaelforce patriot or an Airflo Skagit compact, in decent condition. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks in advance.
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    Whiting rooster Spey hackles

    I have just come across some stupendous saltwater flies tied with genuine Whiting Spey hackles. Can anybody tell me where you can find them and what sort of cost is involved. I was told up to 150 dollars a cape ! But I can’t find any in the UK....... Any pointers really appreciated.
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    Nautilus CCF X2 reel

    I'm looking for a lightly used Nautilus CCF X2 reel in the 10/12 or Silver king size. I know it is unlikely - but worth a try anyway. I could part exchange a smaller reel if you were interested.........
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    50lb hollow braided nylon ?

    Can anybody please point me in the direction of a supplier for the above ? Cortland preferably but Gudebrod would suffice. My spool is empty and I can't find any more in the obvious places. If somebody is willing to sell me a part used spool, that would be fine - I only need to put loops on...
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    Quality 7 weight suggestions ?

    There are a few decent deals available at present on quality rods and I'm in the market for a 12/13 ft rod to cast a 7wt or light 8 wt line. It will be primarily for shooting head lines and occasional skagit work. Has anybody here cast the Loomis NRX 13ft 7/8 and compared it against the Sage...