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    Tweed and its Big Sea Trout

    Hi Gents i am not a sea trout fisher but just wondering why the river Tweed and certain other rivers seem to get larger than normal ones caught almost every day. I thought that the size of the fish would be based on the rivers force it runs, and what is required for it to get to the spawning...
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    Poor from British Airways

    My wife recently booked 12 return flights to Florida from Scotland via London Gatwick for our family summer holiday. She booked these on a Thursday night and when she went online to book the seats the website would not allow us to do anything as there was a problem with 2 passengers having the...
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    Magnetic North Pole and salmon

    I recently watched a program which showed the actual magnetic north pole positions over the last 100 years. It is moving at a very fast rate and has moved almost as much in 20 years as it had in the previous 100 years and is heading to Siberia. We keep on being told that Atlantic salmon use this...
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    Can we reverse this trend

    I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about all the issues the salmon is facing at present and i would like to know what others thought regarding reversing this trend of low runs and loss of back end runs. Now i know many different posters blame different things for the poor runs but i...
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    Inquiry finds 'insufficient evidence' for salmon farming moratorium

    Not really surprised by this latest announcement by Scotgov. IMHO this inquiry was set up for the sole purpose of being seen to allow the salmon farmers to acknowledge some industry mistakes while allowing the industry to grow & increase output and basically carry on as normal. Another let off...
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    End of July 2019 Weeks Holiday with Fishing

    Hi I am looking to book a weeks fishing at the end of July in the highlands of Scotland . I will be travelling with 10-12 Family members including woman and kids. Ideally the house should be of a good standard and decor so as to keep the woman Happy and if there was a big town close bye for the...