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    Salmologic Heads

    If you're a fan of Salmologic Heads you will love these prices. Found these just browsing through the website.
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    Rio Scandi Floating Shooting Head 520grains SOLD

    Test cast only - too light for the intended rod £30 posted. PayPal friends please. SOLD
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    Running Line Airflo Ridge SuperDri 30LB SOLD

    Airflo running line used once £20 posted, in excellent condition. Will be posted with box and plastic zip lock from Airflo (no spool). PayPal friends please. NOW SOLD
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    Spare spools Wanted

    Looking for a spare spool for Hardy CADD 7000 black and Orvis Access Mid Arbour V black nickel. Please PM with offers. Thanks NH
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    Loop Evotec G4 #8-10 spool in green

    Looking for the above if anyone has a spool surplus to requirements. Must be in excellent condition. I know they are on offer but I thought I would ask on here first. Please PM with any offers. Regards NH
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    Loop Tackle Sweden

    Anyone had dealings directly with Loop tackle Sweden and can give their recommendation. Looking at a few items in the Outlet Store. Thank you in advance. Regards and stay safe. NH
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    Fly Rod 9' 6" 7weight

    Airflo Super Stick 9' 6" 7 weight. Hardly ever used. £60.00 posted UK mainland. Regards NH
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    Hardy Reel

    Hardy St Aidan fly reel with 2 spare spools. Really nice condition considering it's age. £175 posted UK mainland but open to sensible offer also. PayPal friends/family please. Regards NH
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    Bruce and Walker 12' Powerlite

    Bruce and Walker (Walker) Powerlite 12' # 7-9. Original blue bag included and after market tube. £100 posted UK Mainland. Regards SOLD NH
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    Greys XF2 12' #7

    Looking for a Greys XF2 12ft #7. Would consider the S or T series. Thanks
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    Anyone seen this cast before

    I was looking at this video and in particular the spey cast at 2 minutes 20 seconds in, which caught my attention and I thought I would ask all the expert casters on the forum if you've seen this cast before. It looks very economical and in my opinion very well executed by the angler in the...
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    G Loomis fly rod

    G Loomis pro4x 8' 4 weight. Only used the once so almost mint condition £175 + postage ono Now reduced to £150 to include postage by Royal Mail tracked and insured Rod now SOLD
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    Tip section for Gudeline Le Cie 14' 8" 10/11 Spey 3 piece

    Wanted as per the title. Thanks NH
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    River Trout/Grayling Outfit

    This outfit not getting used so offered for sale. G Loomis pro4x 8' 4wt, Hardy 3000cc fly reel loaded with backing and Cortland Finesse fly line WF4F. Used once so almost mint condition. £320 o.n.o. posted in the UK. PayPal friends/family please Reel now on eBay. Rod still available and will...
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    Hardy Fly Reel

    Hardy Uniqua 11/12 excellent condition with airflow 30lb backing and test cast only Airflo ridge running line. Weight of reel with backing and running line 11.5 ounces. Asking £120.00 posted in the uk. PayPal to friends please. Now on eBay
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    Gaelforce Shooting Heads

    A few Gaelforce 3D Shooting Head lines surplus to requirements: Gaelforce F/H/I 8/9 36grams test cast only £35.00 posted Now on eBay Gaelforce H/I/S3 8/9 36grams unused £37.00 posted SOLD Gaelforce F/H/I 10/11 41grams unused £37.00 posted SOLD Gaelforce H/I/S3 10/11 41grams unused £37.00 posted...
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    G Loomis 10' #6

    G Loomis Native Run GLX 10' #6 4 piece. Nice condition. Looking to swap for a trout rod of similar quality 9'6" 7 weight. PM with details please. Regards NH Would also consider a 9' or 9'6" 6 weight
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    Airflo Rage 540 grains

    Airflo Rage float 540 test cast only swap for Rage float 570 same condition.
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    Guideline Triple D F/H/I

    Guideline Triple D F/H/I Never used and now surplus to requirements. Marked as 10/11 (44ft - 44 grams) on the packaging but cut back and customised to 40ft-39 grams. Needs a loop on the back. £25 posted (£59.99 RRP) Line is now sold
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    Gaelforce 3D or Rio 3D Heads

    Looking for a Gaelforce 3D F/H/I #8/9 36grams OR Rio 3D F/H/I #9 34grams. In excellent condition please.