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    J. Norris Sale??

    You can’t just blame the retailer. Suppliers use certain retailers to dispose of excess stock. JN regularly sell batches of Guideline stuff (for example) at ‘ex demo’ prices that are well below their normal ‘discount’ price. These special deals happen on and off through the year - so don’t...
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    Bootfoot or stocking foot waders?

    I have ripped the backside out of two pairs doing that !
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    Bootfoot or stocking foot waders?

    Boot foot neoprenes for work and winter fishing. Stocking foot breathable for mobile fishing.
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    Good Stuff in T+S !

    Great stuff. Im actually a rubbish salmon angler and if I fished beside a really good one they would probably catch 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 fish for every one I caught. And that assumes I can actually put my fly in roughly the same place as the ‘good’ fisherman. I would happily accept that...
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    Good Stuff in T+S !

    I agree with the second part of your post but the first bit is not necessarily the case. If it was; all reasonably competent fishers would share the overall catch roughly equally between them. That just doesnt happen - a few anglers are better than all the rest.
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    Skeena system

    ‘The Field’ magazine has an article on steelhead fishing in the current issue. I’ve been to that very lodge and what the article doesn’t tell you is that even though you have to be helicoptered in, you are still competing for water with other anglers....... Beautiful place and some lovely fish...
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    Welded loop repair

    I do cover it with aquasure - but the knots will hold just fine without. And if I’m in a hurry........ This set up will stand up to big saltwater fish -so no problems with salmon.
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    Welded loop repair

    I make loops in my ‘T’material by tieing 2 nail knots back to back with 12-15lb mono. Takes a couple of minutes and is bullet proof
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    Hardy Zephrus

    If good deals on gear get mentioned on sites like this, things tend to sell out immediately !
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    Replacing Mepps trebles with singles

    There are various clips available for coarse fishing that would do the job. Gardner ‘Q’ clips are split rings with a small tag - so they are easy to open. Korda ‘Kwik’ clips are Oblong and very easy to use.they are available in several sizes. I use them to attach hooks to intruders and they...
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    Skagit line help

    I cast a standard Skagit Line with tips to match on a 13ft 6” rod last year and it was fine. The line was a 24 ft Airflo Skagit compact, tips were 10 -15 ft tungsten.
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    Double Figure Sea Trout from the Wear

    Spectacular! Well done indeed.
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    Bass fishing

    Stunning fish, well done. if you try the fly; get hold of/tie some ‘Oz’s sand eel’ patterns - basically a very simple skinny Clouser. Easy to tie and bass love them.
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    Tube single recommendations?

    please note there was a slight error in my earlier post - the Korda heavy wire variants are designated ‘X’. The ‘continental’ pattern is an even heavier wire hook. Carp anglers (decent ones!) are fastidious about their hooks and we argue about minute changes to the hook pattern and how it will...
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    Tube single recommendations?

    Lots of suitable carp hooks out there. Korda, Fox Etc if you want branded. check out ‘bank tackle’ if you are happy with unbranded equivalent. Note that Korda do two types of some of their hooks -the ones marked ‘X’ are heavier wire. the ‘continental pattern might suit heavy tube...
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    Road kill

    My brother and his son were driving an old open top sports car in Essex last week. A herd of deer ran into the road in front of the car they were following. The car hit one of the deer and it cart wheeled straight up and over the car and landed in front if my brother. luckily he managed to stop...
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    Leader rings

    Why doesn’t somebody do a test ? Take 2 identical poly leaders, put a loop in the end of one and a tippet ring on the other. Then connect the two with a length of (say) 15lb maxima. secure one end and pull on the other until something breaks........ if you videoEd it; you could show it to...
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    New Wading Jacket which?

    My work mate wears a Vector I got him cheap and he loves it. I have the next Vision model Up (the Orange one) And it is good too.
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    Leader rings

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    What line for a 13ft 6 hardy zenith...

    I have the 12ft 6” and happily cast 510 g heads on it. That roughly equates to an 8. You will be fine with a 9 or even a 9+ on the 13ft 6” version.