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    Snowbee XS560 Spare Spool Black

    Does anyone have one or two of these not being used and looking for a new home? Black if possible but beggars can't be choosers. If you have, a PM would be great. Cheers
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    Help. Willie Gunn, The Lost Image

    A few weeks ago there was a thread with some pictures and partway through someone had caught a nice clean fish on a "Really slim neat and tidy Willie Gunn". Pretty much the perfect fly I thought. Lots of people commented on it. I think I remember the picture being the first at the top of a page...
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    Wanted. Electric Rod Wrapper.

    Hi All Before I make one. Does anyone have an electric rod wrapper lying around idle. I have always done it by hand but fingers ain't what they used to be, life is too short and and I have a few old rods I would like to do. Cheers Steve
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    Wanted, Snowbee XS780 LA Barstock Spools Black

    Hello All First post and I'm after something. Does anyone have a couple of the above they no longer use. I found some at Lochside the other day but I am now bored wasting my life trawling websites. Cheers Steve