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  1. rodbender

    Diawa Air AGS

    I live near the factory and know someone that works in it, he told me the only rods made there now have the "Union Jack badge" on them e.g. the New Era range.
  2. rodbender

    Name on rod

    This is a rod Stan refurbished for me and replaced all the old lettering!
  3. rodbender

    Impressive Customer Service, GAC

    A new record for me! I managed to break two rods on the same day, broke mine then borrowed my pal`s spare and managed to break it too:mad:
  4. rodbender

    Impressive Customer Service, GAC

    They have sourced me a top section for a Scierra trout rod from Sweden so I am chuffed with the service!
  5. rodbender

    Scierra spares

    Can anyone tell me if i can source a spare section for a Scierra surge trout fly rod in the U.K. I then managed to break my pals spare Maxcatch rod he leant me! "what a day"
  6. rodbender

    SOLD:L.T.S. short speedline 8/9 #

    L.T.S. short speedline 8/9 33 gram 35 ft test cast only no longer have the rod i bought it for £25 posted SOLD
  7. rodbender

    L.T.S. Explosive 12`6 8#sold

    L.T.S. Explosive 12`6 8# in excellent condition £375 posted U.K.
  8. rodbender

    Rio versitip 15 ft in touch intermediate 9# replacement tipsorted

    Will swap for same tip in 10 ft length 8 or 9 weight
  9. rodbender

    Airflo Airlite10/12 salmon reel

    Airflo Airlite 10/12 massive capacity reel only no case Swap for a slightly smaller 9/10 reel
  10. rodbender

    Bent handle

    I just get a buzz out of buying and trying different rods, if I get my money back on the ones I sell then I am happy! :D
  11. rodbender

    Bent handle

    That`s good enough for me from someone who knows what they are talking about(y)
  12. rodbender

    Bent handle

    Are you not fed up with the Gaelforce 14 ft yet? that`s the one I regret selling most :unsure:(y)
  13. rodbender

    Season end.

    Good stuff Andy! I think that one that got away at the net would have been your biggest :D (y)
  14. rodbender

    Zpey Instinct 14`6 9/10 SOLD

    Zpey Instinct 14`6 9/10 in very good condition no marks on blank bent handle model. £170 posted UK
  15. rodbender

    May be my last this season

    A good netsman helps :D (y)
  16. rodbender

    May be my last this season

    With a little help from my friends
  17. rodbender

    Bent handle

    Thanks for the detailed answer, I am just trying to improve my casting and avoid slipping back into bad habits of pushing with the top hand, if the bent handle helps this in any way then brilliant.
  18. rodbender

    Bent handle

    Thank you anything that makes it easier will be a great help.
  19. rodbender

    Bent handle

    Thank you did you use recommended line weight on them? the rod is recommended for 33-35 I have only tried the Gaelforce multi tip 40 grams on it and it went well.
  20. rodbender

    Bent handle

    Your catching up quick :D :D there is still a few rods out there I haven`t tried (y)