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  1. kingfisheryh02nxs

    DBS Police search (to see if i've been a naughty boy)

    Just thought i'd post this to vent my frustration, in my job i have to be DBS checked (nothing wrong with that, all passed). Just over 3 months ago i applied with another council for one of there contracts, one of their stipulations was that i have to apply for another DBS check, dispite having...
  2. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Books, Salmon on Dry Fly, Yorkshire dales Anglers Guide and Anglers Guide to Lake Dis

    Hi, i have 3 books left for sale, they are on Ebay, if you'd like to take a look and are at buy it now price. Salmon on a Dry Fly by Derek Knowles (Hardback, 1987) 9780854931538 | eBay The Yorkshire Dales Angler's Guide By Laurence Tetley (paperback) fishing | eBay Anglers Guide to the...
  3. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Daiwa 7300b spinning reel (vintage)

    Here for sale i have a Daiwa 7300b spinning reel, which i am assuming is quite old, but have to admit to not knowing a whole load about it. This real is in fantastic condition (photos don't do it justice), the only mark is on the handle where it fits on the rod, and this is just paint rub not...
  4. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Greys Greyflex M2 10ft6 7/8#

    For sale is my Greys Greyflex M2, 10ft 6 inch, 7-8#, 3 piece. Rod is in very good condition and come in original corduna tube and cloth bag. £65 Posted, paypal gift buyer pays fees, or can collect from York. Thanks Paul.
  5. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Airflo Balance Reel and Airflo Tactical Multi tip Spey line

    Here for sale is a Airflo Balance reel 9-11#, reel is spotless and unmarked. Reel is loaded with quality backing (can't remember what it was), Rio running line and a Airflo Tactical Spey Multi tip complete with four tips, only used twice. £90 posted, paypal gift buyer pays fees, or can collect...
  6. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Diawa Wilderness XT 14ft

    For sale is my Diawa Wilderness XT, 14ft, 10#, 4 piece. This rod is imaculate and as new, comes with corduna tube and bag. £90 posted, paypal gift or buyer pays fees, can collect from York. Thanks Paul
  7. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Bruce and Walker Powerlite Speycaster

    For sale is my Bruce and Walker Powerlite Speycaster, 15ft, 3 piece, 10#. Rod is in good condition, has some varnish which has rubbed off on bottom section as shown on picture, it comes in BW Corduna tube and cloth bag. £160 posted, paypal gift or buyer pays fee's, can collected from York...
  8. kingfisheryh02nxs

    My Spinning reels need servicing.

    Hi guys after some help, i had the the contact details for some body of this forum who services spinning reels (fully strips them down and replaces any broken parts) but i have lost his name and address. I've tried the search facility on here but can't find the thread which i found him on. The...
  9. kingfisheryh02nxs

    How things have changed!

    I've been involed in Salmon - Sea Trout fishing now for over 30 years, i've been fortunate to fish some cracking rivers in England, but now have reached the point where i will not be buying a Migratory fish licence next year. I'm sure the EA do a lot of good work, but for me they aint doing...
  10. kingfisheryh02nxs


    Forum member finnwn can you contact me please, regards fishing rod.
  11. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Guideline LPXe 13ft (4 piece)

    I have for sale a Guideline LPXe, 13ft, (4piece rod) 8-9#. Rod is in excellent condition, with no marks and scratches, it has had little use. It comes in original cloth bag and corduna tube, I'm looking for £225, this includes the cost of postage and is non negotiable, payment preferred by...
  12. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Foot placement

    Is foot placement important when Spey casting. The scenario, fishing the left bank of a river, water is flowing right to left as you face it, i am right handed. This year i have been really struggling with my Double handed casting, but yesterday i changed my stance and put my right foot forward...
  13. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Salmon Run on Camera

    Have a gander at this some right beasts trying to run the weir, it updates every 10 or so seconds. Paul
  14. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Guide line ddc conect shooting heads

    Could someone tell me if the Guide Line ddc connect shooting heads (the pre cut ones) if they have the factory loops on both ends, also does the running line have a loop, and lastly do the tips have loops on both ends. Thanks Paul
  15. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Hardy Viscount 150 Fly reel

    Here i have a Hardy Viscount 150 fly fishing reel with 2 spare spools, ideal for Sea Trout fishing and holds up to a # 9 line. The reel and spools are in excellent condition as can be seen in photo's, and comes in original box. Price for this is £85, this includes postage. If you love...
  16. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Rio Windcutter Versitip # 8-9-10

    Here for sale is a Rio Windcutter Versitip spey line # 8-9-10, this is the one with the 15 foot intermediate compensator, the line has 5 tips from floating to extra fast sink. Line is in excellent condition having received little use it is spooled and boxed. Price £50 postage included. Paul
  17. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Snowbee 2D #8-9

    I have for sale a Snowbee 2D spey line # 8-9. Line is in very good condition and has had little use, it is on spool and boxed. Cost £25 postage included. Paul
  18. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Fishing Shooting Heads

    Hi i'm looking for advise on fishing a shooting head set up,(IE) when doing the initial lift does it need to be as high as when normal Spey casting. When sweeping the line round do you do it level, do you raise the rod slightly before the forward stroke. Should the anchor be a rods length out...
  19. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Airfo fly rods

    Seeing the post recently about Scierra HMS rods got me thinking, you never see any posts about the range of Airflo rods. Is this because they are no good, do people use these rods for Salmon fishing. Just curios not intending to buy. I did buy one of there Trout rods this year and have to say it...
  20. kingfisheryh02nxs

    Hardy and Snowbee fly lines

    I have for sale two fly lines. A Hardy Mach 2, 9# clear sink tip fly line, only being used a maximum of 5 times and will be sold with box. Price £30 postage included. Snobee 2D Spey floating fly line 8-9# used about 5 times, sold with box. Price £25 postage included.