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    River Findhorn

    Take a club with you and get a few seal pups while you are down there, In for a penny .......................
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    Boot Repair

    CT1 and sticks like wont last. Evo stick or gorilla impact glue is the way to go.
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    Best modern salmon fishing book recommendations

    The Salmon by Michael Wigan. A very interesting read about our native Salmon.
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    Your Biggest Gripe, 1 only

    Rain. There is either too much of it or not enough :rolleyes:
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    Badger cape

    Thanks for that woodsy i will check it out
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    Badger cape

    Please can any of you guys point me in the right direction where to buy a decent black/white badger cape. There are a lot of sites out of stock, maybe with all the lockdown tying. Thanks in advance
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    Best place to buy weighted coneheads..tungsten or brass......

    I have used Mistpool for a number of years, good selection and good service
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    micro red butt monkey

    Looks good, have you had any success on mini monkey ? The monkey is my first choice fly, i have tried scaling it down for lower clearer water but with no success.
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    Switch rod help

    another vote for Barrio
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    Skating/Waking flee's

    You lucky sod, I would even suffer the midgies
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    Monkeying about

    I fish the monkey a lot, mostly on floating line and 5ft fast sink tippet. For me its one size fits all. The same size in cold spring, warm summer, or autumnal backend. On the odd occasion of a huge water on the dee for example I will change to intermediate line but same size of monkey...
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    Skating/Waking flee's

    During the big grilse runs of the 90's on the Tay system the skated tube accounted for some big catches of fish. I landed 9 in an hour once on a quarter inch tube. I used to fish a free swinging treble size 10, which looked big but didn't deter takes. As mentioned on other threads , a good...
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    late springer

    Some happy news for a change, well done guys.
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    late springer

    After all the "greetin" about lockdown, and "hating Nicola Sturgeon" and England is fishing and why are we not. Has anybody been lucky enough to get a cast and connect with something yet ?
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    Dealing with public on the river

    One beat I go to on the Dee has this problemr as it is close to a town. On several occasions had dogs swimming or families down throwing stones in pool. It usually coincides with warm sunny weather which isn't the best fishing conditions so haven't been that overly bothered because we can...
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    Skating/Waking flee's

    I believe the second bit about falkus:);)
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    Skating/Waking flee's

    Was the yellow dolly not invented north of Inverness
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    Fishing holidays Scotland

    all caravan sites are still closed so I would think it would be same for holiday chalets unfortunately.
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    Fishing 28th at earliest

    The South Korean president feared the west would have the highest infection / death rate simply because we are not disciplined enough. How right he is. It is a crying shame and an embarrassment that this small Island has the statistics that we do. The urge to go to a beauty spot should be...
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    Fishing 28th at earliest

    I stay in a seaside town and our local beach car parks have been full for the last 3 weekends and its not with locals. I know we don't have the manpower to police these sights but most of them have a road down to the car park so the council could of put a chain or got a local farmer to leave a...