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  1. bencarvosso

    The Shannon ahhhhh well.

    Such a shame I caught my first ever salmon at castleconnell back in the 90s A beautiful fishery
  2. bencarvosso

    Lough derg donegal

    Think every lake in the pettigo area have pike al9ng with assaroe
  3. bencarvosso

    Prawn/Shrimp set up

    I use drilled bullet and float stops. Hit 6 fish and landed 4 in past 2 days on a tricky river. Nothing wrong with the method
  4. bencarvosso

    Savage Gear lure

    I've caught salmon on the line thru seaker which is not much different from the sandeel
  5. bencarvosso

    Gentian violet

    Had a go and they turned out ok. I didn't destroy anything and didn't get it on myself lol.... Didn't get a huge amount of prawn and shrimp but enough for a week or two Turned out well. Used a quarter tea spoon to start off with. Could probably use more as they turned out light enough. But I...
  6. bencarvosso

    Gentian violet

    Glad I don't have to crush them down to powder lol
  7. bencarvosso

    Gentian violet

    Thanks Peter. Gonna hit the beach tomorrow and gather some shrimps and prawns.... Will let you know how I fared
  8. bencarvosso

    Gentian violet

    Well it turned out that the gentian powder is gentian crystals. Lumps of things
  9. bencarvosso

    Gentian violet

    Finally have 25 grams of the powder arrived today.... So was thinking a tea spoon to start in a normal size pot of water and test some prawns to see if colour is ok. Thinking outside with camping stove and rubber gloves. Can I add it to the sea water and put in the live prawns so in essence...
  10. bencarvosso

    Steelhead in UK rivers.

    Here is some info from Paul Bourke who worked for the fisheries board here in ireland for 30 years. I took it from an article .... Although the first rainbows, it is believed, were brought to Ireland about a hundred years ago by Moreton Frewen, it was mainly in the 1950s and 1960s that they...
  11. bencarvosso

    Not a shrimp

    How much are the mounts
  12. bencarvosso

    Cashla River

    Is Tim Moore still involved up there. Fished it back in the 90s , really special place. Some of those isolated lakes were amazing
  13. bencarvosso

    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Had 3 from garavogue in past week on sligo town. All released River is in a crazy flood now along with other rivers locally and fishing probably won't be possible till end of the week.
  14. bencarvosso

    No water for months.......

    I know it's been a crazy few days The local river bonet is at a record 30 year high and rising
  15. bencarvosso

    Gentian violet

    Can't get my hand's on the crystals
  16. bencarvosso

    Wounded seatrout help please

    I've used them for deadbaiting for pike in the past. Really odd creatures. On a side note. When carp anglers find an injury on their fish they use a bee product called propolis. They smear some on and as soon as it comes into contact with water it makes a seal on the wound. It also has...
  17. bencarvosso

    River Dargle (Poaching)

    It used to get some massive sea trout running it back in the day
  18. bencarvosso

    River Dargle (Poaching)

    I've not fished it since 2002 Moved to the north west. My pal in ifi said the runs have depleted by 80pc in recent times
  19. bencarvosso

    The River Drowes

    Any reports from the drowse Was thinking of taking a trip up from sligo Never fished it. Mainly fish locally
  20. bencarvosso

    River Dargle (Poaching)

    Used to fish the river a lot in the 90s up at lady gouldings and hugh duffs stretch. Some lovely night fishing at hughs for the sea trout. Used to see some seriously dodgy goings on down in bray... always had problems. Remember my father writing about it in the paper in the 80s