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    River Wear 2020

    Ahh that explains that then.
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    So that is your rational for not allowing spinning, did you have to attend university for a degree to come up with that conclusion? Dear god we are doomed!
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    River Wear 2020

    I'm quite aware how much it is and i also know these people have no powers and the money would be better spent on real ballifs, and i tottaly agree it is a massive waste of public money. But as said it ticks a box for the EA so they can say we have do this for the inforsement of our fisheries...
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    You can't just make a massive statement like that and leave it so vague, would you like to go into more detail so the thickies that spin can uderstand your statment (me been one of the thickies that is)
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    Disgusted with this!!!

    latest update
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    River Wear 2020

    LMAO, that 1.265 million pound was just a box ticking execise by the EA and far cheaper than actually doing the job themselves.
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    Lets all bow down to those highly skilled fly fishers. As i posted earlier (most fly fishers couldn't catch cold), 10% catch all the fish in fly fishing rest are floating line, cast at 45degrees so don't try and act all holyier than thou, it just make you come across as a complete ****
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    Don't you just love a story that starts with, i knew a guy who phoned me about! Is there any wonder why there are so many restrictions placed on angling and even more ariving year on year, river salmon anglers hate the comercial fishermen, they hate the putchers, and choricle fishermen, fly...
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    Disgusted with this!!!

    The Green party have issued a statment today saying they are going to investgate this, and they hope people can forgive and forget about this (which just about sums them up really).
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    I've never read so much **** this is the reason i hardly bother fishing for salmon anymore, i used to consider myself very adapt at fishing the flying c and i could fish the said spinner round slower than most fly fishers. Simple fact is that 90% of fly fishers could'nt catch a salmon if it was...
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    River Wear 2020

    It's the path of least resistance, the cheapest option and requires very little work from the EA to implement, that is why the EA are pushing catch and release, real problem that require work and time are pushed to one side by running enquiries into them, which puts them on hold for a few years...
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    River Tees 2020

    With the negativity you will never catch fish, fish are there for the people who want to catch and put the time in.
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    DBS Police search (to see if i've been a naughty boy)

    Just thought i'd post this to vent my frustration, in my job i have to be DBS checked (nothing wrong with that, all passed). Just over 3 months ago i applied with another council for one of there contracts, one of their stipulations was that i have to apply for another DBS check, dispite having...
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    Books, Salmon on Dry Fly, Yorkshire dales Anglers Guide and Anglers Guide to Lake Dis

    Hi, i have 3 books left for sale, they are on Ebay, if you'd like to take a look and are at buy it now price. Salmon on a Dry Fly by Derek Knowles (Hardback, 1987) 9780854931538 | eBay The Yorkshire Dales Angler's Guide By Laurence Tetley (paperback) fishing | eBay Anglers Guide to the...
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    Daiwa 7300b spinning reel (vintage)

    Here for sale i have a Daiwa 7300b spinning reel, which i am assuming is quite old, but have to admit to not knowing a whole load about it. This real is in fantastic condition (photos don't do it justice), the only mark is on the handle where it fits on the rod, and this is just paint rub not...
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    Greys Greyflex M2 10ft6 7/8#

    For sale is my Greys Greyflex M2, 10ft 6 inch, 7-8#, 3 piece. Rod is in very good condition and come in original corduna tube and cloth bag. £65 Posted, paypal gift buyer pays fees, or can collect from York. Thanks Paul.
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    Airflo Balance Reel and Airflo Tactical Multi tip Spey line

    Here for sale is a Airflo Balance reel 9-11#, reel is spotless and unmarked. Reel is loaded with quality backing (can't remember what it was), Rio running line and a Airflo Tactical Spey Multi tip complete with four tips, only used twice. £90 posted, paypal gift buyer pays fees, or can collect...
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    Diawa Wilderness XT 14ft

    For sale is my Diawa Wilderness XT, 14ft, 10#, 4 piece. This rod is imaculate and as new, comes with corduna tube and bag. £90 posted, paypal gift or buyer pays fees, can collect from York. Thanks Paul
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    Bruce and Walker Powerlite Speycaster

    For sale is my Bruce and Walker Powerlite Speycaster, 15ft, 3 piece, 10#. Rod is in good condition, has some varnish which has rubbed off on bottom section as shown on picture, it comes in BW Corduna tube and cloth bag. £160 posted, paypal gift or buyer pays fee's, can collected from York...
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    My Spinning reels need servicing.

    Hi guys after some help, i had the the contact details for some body of this forum who services spinning reels (fully strips them down and replaces any broken parts) but i have lost his name and address. I've tried the search facility on here but can't find the thread which i found him on. The...