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  1. J

    new rules on covid for Scotland

    Now clarified at 11pm tonight by Fergus Ewing MSP. Only members from 1 household. There goes my fishing week☹️
  2. J

    new rules on covid for Scotland

    On BBC Reporting Scotland tonight, Prof Jason Leitch made it very clear that it was only members from 1 household in Self - Catering accommodation. That will be my trip to the Deveron gone if that is the case and much damage done to self catering tourism in Scotland. I'll await the final legal...
  3. J

    Bearings for loop reel

    Agree with budge. Don't know the reel but reels will be built to fit available standard bearings. For example Vossler S3 use a needle roller bearing readily available from simply bearings for £3 If you can identify it I am sure a bearing supplier will have one
  4. J

    River Forth

    Did the two landed have salmon rash? My fish from the beat have had it. Sent pics to MS as requested and they confirmed they had what looked like early stages of salmon rash. Fish also had red vent as well.
  5. J

    Vosseler Reels

    If memory serves me right they were not made by Vosseler. They were made in China based on the Vosseler design. Still very good reels as Alan wanted the best. Vosseler reels are not without their problems. The S3 and other reels that used needle clutch bearing were prone to the bearing failing...
  6. J

    Fishing With A Difference

    Top casters at the quarry tomorrow I hear but no cakes and rolls:)
  7. J

    Danielssons control 7twelve

    Great reel and you will love it but you will not get much more than 100m of 30lb airflo micro dacron backing on it I dont use the 20lb backing but will probably only stretch to around 150m I would guess. I have a 30g (8/9) Gaelforce switch line on one spool with around 100m of 30 and the spare...
  8. J

    Overhead casting

    If this picture with the cow etc is typical of where you fish then variations on the Perry Poke should be fine. The basic principle of the PP is that you dump the end of your flyline/ leader well into the river before executing the final stage of your spey cast be it a single / double / or...
  9. J

    Which Switch?

    They are very good indeed. As Rennie says 12' is not a switch rod and the Oracle switch rods are 11' I highly recommend them if you are not wanting to break the bank.
  10. J

    Switch line

    Yes the Gaelforce is probably better. More to do with quality as both cast very well. Barrio is a great line but will not last as long as the Gaelforce if you are doing a lot of fishing.. My Barrio started to crack after a season where my Gaelforce is on it 3rd year. Welded loopps never last...
  11. J

    River Forth

    Well they certainly have "managed " to send some of us to look elsewhere for our fishing and I have no regrets finding pastures new and wish those that have stayed well. The current fishery management have brought a whole new meaning to the definition of a" Mixed Stock Salmon Fishery" with...
  12. J

    Integrated line for shakey 8/9 Switch Rod

    Barrio and Gaelforce 7/8 switch lines are excellent on that rod, I have had both. Both are great casting and fishing lines. My Barrio lasted just over a season maybe two before needing replaced. I replaced with the Gaelforce and it is still going strong 3/4 years later, athough expect all...
  13. J

    How bulky are Gaelforce equaliser ESSS switch lines?

    Did you have shot of mine:unsure: Can't see you owning such a cheap rod:D:D:D
  14. J

    How bulky are Gaelforce equaliser ESSS switch lines?

    I have the 8/9 ESSS (30g) on that reel Tom and only managed 110 yds of 30lb micro. This reel and line combo along with one of the best value fly rods of all time ( the 12' 9" shakey exp ) is my most used set up. Love it to bits :)
  15. J

    How bulky are Gaelforce equaliser ESSS switch lines?

    I have it on a Danielsson LW5 6-9 reel See pics. Cant remember how much 30lb backing I have on but it will be at least 75 yards and more likely 100+
  16. J

    Shakespeare oracle switch rod

    Just weighed my Danielsson LW 6/9 with its backing and line and it came in at 220g so you will be fine
  17. J

    Shakespeare oracle switch rod

    Weight of reel to balance a rod applies more to rods over 13' and not really to shorter rods. I use a Danielsson LW 6/9 reel on the 11' exp but have also used a much heavier control 7/12 . Would not worry to much about weight of reel on an 11' rod
  18. J

    Shakespeare EXP 14-9 10wt

    Are you wanting that section? Then try Price is 1/6th rod price + postage from memory
  19. J

    Hardy Zane #3 vs Danielsson Control 8thirteen

    Control for me. Danielsson are some of the best reels out there and are great value.
  20. J

    Trondheim Area 2020

    Yes, I should have been over this week but where I would have been fishing the Orkla it is too high. A Norwegian friend fishing lower down has had two today. I was sent the pics they are both stunning storlaks. Roll on next year