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    Lines for Loop Cross S1 Switch

    I do also have a Rio Scandi short that I use but find the head a tad long at 31ft for a 10'7" rod and at 21 grams it's a bit on the heavy side for the 6 weight. The Airflo has a shorter head and is an integrated line, hence the purchase. I have also tried the Rio single handed spey 7 weight and...
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    Lines for Loop Cross S1 Switch

    I have the 10'7" #6 and recently matched it with the Airflo Switch/Spey floating line 300 grains (19 grams) and it casts really nice with a polyleader up front. I would imagine that the next weight up i.e. 330 grains (21 grams) would be ideal for the the 10'7" #7. The Airflo is on offer...
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    Sent you a PM and I'll scan and send you the article tomorrow morning. Cheers. NH
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    I have a copy of that Trout and Salmon. If you would like a copy of the article, PM me your email address and I'll sent you a scanned copy with all the dressings etc.
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    Salmologic Heads

    If you're a fan of Salmologic Heads you will love these prices. Found these just browsing through the website.
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    No power on forward cast unless knee deep!

    OMG that sounds familiar (curve upstream-no power etc). Only yesterday I was so bad with left hand up, I had to stop fishing and just practise my casting with just the shooting head out of the tip ring. After about 30 minutes of continuous casting I got back on track and finished the day...
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    Grey's XF2 12" S series

    Glasgow Angling had the XF2 double handers when I spoke to them a while back. I think they were display models , no tube or rod bag. They may still have a few left and could be at the right price. Maybe worth a call.
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    Rio Scandi Floating Shooting Head 520grains SOLD

    Test cast only - too light for the intended rod £30 posted. PayPal friends please. SOLD
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    Running Line Airflo Ridge SuperDri 30LB SOLD

    Airflo running line used once £20 posted, in excellent condition. Will be posted with box and plastic zip lock from Airflo (no spool). PayPal friends please. NOW SOLD
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    Guideline Compact Multi Tip

    I have a John Norris 30lb orange running line surplus to requirements, which you can have for nothing. Send me a PM with your address and I'll sent it to you. Regards NH
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    airflo polyleaders

    I use the 3mm Reverge
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    Mackenzie dtx g2 spey 14ft #9

    Wise move Dave, you won't regret it. Drop Scott Mackenzie an email, he's an absolute gent and would be pleased to help you. Regards NH
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    Mackenzie dtx g2 spey 14ft #9

    Scott Mackenzie's 42 grams (no 9) shooting heads would be perfect for the 14' 9 weight DTX G2. The line has been developed and designed specifically for the rod.
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    running line

    I've been following this thread with interest and ordered the Asso Ultraflex 60lb orange which arrived today. I must say that first impressions looks favourable and the line is very supple and could find it's way onto a few, if not all my reels / spools. Is there a special way to form the loops...
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    Best Lightweight packable wading jacket

    I bought a Loop Rautas jacket just before lockdown and haven't had the opportunity to test it yet. It appears to be well made and was just what I was looking for in a lightweight, packable jacket. It's marketed as a hiking jacket but it's so light it can be tucked under and secured with the hem...
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    Spare spools Wanted

    Looking for a spare spool for Hardy CADD 7000 black and Orvis Access Mid Arbour V black nickel. Please PM with offers. Thanks NH
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    Welly slap.

    Buy a cheap garden kneeling pad and cut strips to glue to the inside top of your wellies. You can get them in different colours and thickness.
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    Clan Rods 17" #7/8

    Vert interesting and a nice read. Thank you for posting.
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    Skating/Waking flee's

    Wow, very impressive indeed and thank you for sharing your patterns with us. I will definitely be copying some of these and a few from Kierstream's box posted earlier. Thanks again.
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    Skating/Waking flee's

    That's a very nice collection of wake flies you have there and thank you for posting them. I particularly like the dollies and I bet they ride high on the surface compared to the plastic tubes (could be wrong though). This style of fishing is all completely new to me but I'll be giving it a good...