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    You have already got some cracking rods there
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    Best modern salmon fishing book recommendations

    Just bought it for £30, looks like it goes for much more so happy bunny. You can never have enough Salmon books :)
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    McLean net Help

    Hate these nets, I’ve had two. I ended up wrapping electrical tape on the net shaft to stop the button engaging so I could quick release should the need arise. Alas in the end I got rid and now I’m very happy with my Sharpes.
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    Rio Connect Core - Issues

    My running lines last forever as they're never outside of the rod tip :rolleyes: . Seriously though, I can't see past Airflo running lines, the rio ones seem to be a ripoff although I do have a few.
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    River Tyne 2020

    Wow! Hard core mate! Fingers crossed for you ?
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    River Tyne 2020

    Had a nice sea trout off of the South Tyne this morning. Lovely being back into a fish.
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    Demon vs Demon Sintrix

    I have a 15ft Demon 3 piece if you’re interested. Also have a Hardy Angel MKII 11/12 that matches it perfectly for balance but the reel cost me a fortune, may be willing to part with both... sell you them both for £400, the reel also has a spare spool and I’ll chuck in a G2 line I can drop...
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    Broken hardy

    £50 postage for my marksman T section
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    Switch rod help

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    Who is going to the pub tomorrow ?

    One thing for sure, the great unwashed will be out in force pushing their own version of govt policy on everyone. I see it everyday, I’ll pass for now!
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    Mackenzie dtx g2 spey 14ft #9

    Probably too heavy Dave, I bought it to use with a 15ft demon. Could have sworn it was a 42g, there’s old age for you ;)
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    Mackenzie dtx g2 spey 14ft #9

    Apologies, I just checked, it’s 44g!
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    Mackenzie dtx g2 spey 14ft #9

    I have a 42g G2 SH I bought off here a while back, never used it, yours for £20, it’s rated 10/11 I think. I can put up a pic if you like, still boxed.
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    River Tyne 2020

    The Tyne was like a steaming bath at 5am lol. Loads of big fish running through the pool, sadly none stopped for a gander at my fly. I’m guessing the North Tyne will be heaving with fish
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    Barrio 7/8 switch line wanted

    Back in stock. Just got an email from Mike. Woot :)
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    Barrio 7/8 switch line wanted

    Out of stock, bugger :(
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    Barrio 7/8 switch line wanted

    Ditto :) I just bought a JN one this morning to tide me over, £20!
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    Line stripping injury’s

    Yes agreed. Here’s a typical experience of mine. I went to my local butcher with a view to try and support him more, bought a couple of steaks to see what his meat was like, he showed me the steaks on the paper before wrapping. When I opened the steaks the next day, the underside was dry as a...