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  1. fly guy

    Sir David Attenborough joins the fight against fish farms.

    Sir David Attenborough has joined the ranks fighting against fish farming and has spoken out in a video produced by for Salmon abd Trout Conservation Scotland. He said " The survival of these astonishing fish is at risk. Dams blocking their rivers, over exploitation, pollution of the water, the...
  2. fly guy

    Newly from the sea Sidney Spencer

    Rare title book for sale. Ex library book which shows signs of wear and has been well read. Book is intact but grubby. Has dust jacket. Reason for sale is I have been given another copy by the Missus which is in excellent condition. Price is £24 which includes signed for delivery to UK address only.
  3. fly guy

    Sea Trout Fishing Hugh Falkus

    Book in good condition. Has dust jacket. Later reprint and not first edition. Price including signed for delivery is £18. PM me for further details. UK address only.
  4. fly guy

    Salmon Fshing Hugh Falkus

    Book in Good condition with dust jacket. Some sun fading to dust jacket. Not first edition but later reprint. Price including signed for delivery is £18 UK address only PM me for details.
  5. fly guy

    River Annan Newbie Beat 2x rods available

    2 rods available for week 2 (11th March 2019) First beat from the sea. Selling due to to health problems and unable to fish. Available as a daily rod lets or the entire week at a discounted rate. Good fishing hut and storage facilities to use. PM me for prices and your chance to land an Annan...
  6. fly guy

    River Naver 11th - 16th February Single rod available

    As per above single rod only available to join a party of three other rods (good bunch of lads) for one weeks fishing on the Naver. Fishing all six beats. Accommodation available from Sunday to Sunday. Ghillie available to show the beats, pools and offer advice. Contact me by pm for further...
  7. fly guy

    Salmon Fly Fishing: The Dynamics Approach. Alan T. Grant

    Book as title. Unwanted Christmas present as already have a copy in my library. Book in excellent condition with dust jacket. Rare book. SOLD SOLD SOLD:thumb:
  8. fly guy

    Hardy Cascapedia MKIII fly reel #10/11

    Part of my collection. Never been used. Mint and boxed. The attached pictures show the condition of this iconic reel. REEL SOLD SOLD SOLD:thumb:
  9. fly guy

    Hardy Cascapedia MkIII fly reel #8/9

    Mint boxed reel as above. Part of my collection. Treat yourself for the new year! Pictures show the condition. REEL NOW SOLD Thanks to buyer:thumb: If you need any further info please pm me.
  10. fly guy

    Interesting feature.

    Atlantic Salmon Trust
  11. fly guy

    Salmon fly scale

    Just seen this on ebay.......A salmon fly scale made in ivorine with a self adhesive Megan Boyd Brora sticker. In used condition. Currently sitting at an amazing 103 pounds (starting bid 20 pounds) with seven bidders and over six days to run before the auction finishes.
  12. fly guy

    Norwegian study shows evidence of sea lice impacts from fish farms on wild fish stock

    Norwegian study shows a clear biennial pattern emerging due to the production cycle of fish farms which clearly shows that fish farms play an important role in the epidemiology of sea lice on wild fish stock...............
  13. fly guy

    Highest monthly mortality rate recorded by Loch Duart Salmon.....

    One third of Loch Duart's Farmed Salmon stock died in Loch Laxford as a result of disease, suffocation and jelly fish attack in September 2018. It is thought that tens of thousands of fish were killed over a period of about ten days. A spokesperson for Loch Duart Salmon said that it was a...
  14. fly guy

    Helmsdale opening 2019

    The first river to open on the 11th January 2019 and as far as I know the usual free days apply as in previous years. If the weather is kind then always the chance of bar of silver. Your chance to give the local economy a big boost if staying for a few days. Be quick as accommodation is limited...
  15. fly guy

    Hardy Cascapedia MkIII fly reel 10/11 weight

    Treated myself to a new Hardy Cascapedia 10/11 so decided to sell my older one. In used but not abused condition. Side plates are perfect with no paint loss. Polished rims have fine surface scratches but no dinks or gravel rash (which in my opinion would polish out) Drag is perfect and clicker...
  16. fly guy

    BBC Scotland Reporting Scotland at 6.30pm news about salmon farms

    SEPA to announce sweeping changes as to how salmon farms operate to help protect wild Atlantic salmon stocks.............
  17. fly guy

    Good news for people living in the North Highlands

    Menzies Distribution is launching a new delivery service from today for those living in the North Highlands charging a flat fee of 4.99 for delivering items to rural areas:thumb:. You only need to spend a few minutes to create your own Highland Parcel account, order your parcel using the central...
  18. fly guy

    Freshwater angling worth an estimated 1.4 billion

    The Environment Agency has produced a report that states Freshwater anglers contribute an estimated 1.4 billion to the English economy and supports up to 27,000 full time jobs. The study found that coarse fishing was the most popular activity accounting for 19 million days of fishing. Game...
  19. fly guy

    Micro coneheads

    Just want to know how many of you have had success using these during the last season or two? I used them with with moderate success two seasons ago during low water conditions. Found them to be effective in fast runs and fished square in slower pools. This last season was a disaster mainly due...
  20. fly guy

    European Eel now more endangered than the Giant Panda

    You are probably completely unaware of the largest wildlife crime in Europe. Gangs are smuggling in excess of 350 million European Eels into Asia each year in an industry worth £3.5 billion as a food source.