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  1. kingfisher

    Don’t we all feel like this!!

  2. kingfisher

    Cabin Fever

    Looking through the various “hot topics” it would seem cabin fever has set in earlier than normal! Just like the salmon runs I suppose.
  3. kingfisher

    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    To lighten the mood a tad. I Managed to scrounge a couple of glasses - pint and a have pint from my local Indian Restaurant and somehow my beer tasted sooo much better. Anyone else have an object or what inspired them in Depicting your forum nom de plume ?
  4. kingfisher

    Aquasure no more

    Had a seam leak in my vision waders I bought in January this year and was looking at the usual Aquasure. But at those silly prices for what 7grms etc I looked for an alternative and found Kampaseam. I bought a big tube for less than the Aquasure on the reviews and have to say it was excellent...
  5. kingfisher

    Waterproofing a Wading Jacket

    I have had the Patagonia wading jacket for many years and whilst it isn’t letting in water, it does get wet. By that I mean water doesn’t roll of the fabric like it used to do instead it soaks into the fabric. So my question is what is the best way to re- proof it again? Is a spray ok or is it...
  6. kingfisher

    Fairnilee on Tweed

    Anyone fished this beat? If so what is the beat/pools like as in good holding etc what height is best and is the wading decent. They have so far had a decent few months of catches compared to others topside and downstream. Cheers KF
  7. kingfisher

    Airflo Nantech switch rod.

    Above rod for sale. 4pc used twice and is in as new condition. 11’ 6 weight. Comes with rod bag and tube as seen in pictures. Can meet near Forfar/Brechin/Edinburgh area if required to suit. £100 or posted mainland UK approx additional £15.
  8. kingfisher

    Electric Cars

    Yep it seems looking at the latest car mags, that soon we will have little choice as the manufacturers will eventually go fully electric only, with all their models. While that’s all very well, expensive and doesn’t really save the planet! how many are looking forward to “range anxiety” coming...
  9. kingfisher

    Cottage for a week?

    I’m looking for recommendations for a nice remote cottage preferably on West Coast Above Fort William area or Highlands above Aviemore. Not looking for fishing with it. but just a break away from this madness we’re all in. Thanks in advance KF
  10. kingfisher

    France want more cash !!

    While it’s sad they have to flee their own country, they (illegal immigrants) have cottoned on to the idea that rowing across in anything that floats in broad daylight wearing hiviz life vests etc is the best way to hail a water taxi to the UK. Seen footage that a tv crew took yesterday, of...
  11. kingfisher

    Interesting read by the Ferret
  12. kingfisher

    Bridge Supports

    Crossing the new Queensferry Crossing bridge yesterday on way up to Speyside, I took this shot of the support cables. Notice how much they bow/curve even supporting such weight.
  13. kingfisher

    Wee buts it’s all mine

    After a fruitless few days salmon fishing without even seeing much I managed this wee one from the Spey yesterday. Fresh in and took a junction (size 12 double) shrimp in the nice but coloured water. Not a lot of fish about but loads being caught downstream and maybe another trip up when they...
  14. kingfisher

    Retirement Update

    Well an update to this post from near 2 years ago. I thought I'd be bored and climbing the walls, but looking through the posts again I have managed to fulfill a few pieces of advice, namely keep working. Not full...
  15. kingfisher

    Good runs!

    While like lots of others I think its great we are seeing lots of fish in the systems, I hear made comment that its a benefit of COVID-19. In my humble opinion its got nothing to do with COVID-19. How on earth could it? The fish before they run the rivers, don't know how many anglers are...
  16. kingfisher

    Scotsman ?

    Seen this earlier lol
  17. kingfisher

    Barra Gin

    Looking forward to trying this out tonight. Has a unique taste as most do but this is very different, so will invest in good tonic water!
  18. kingfisher

    Squirrels be gone

    Wormo’s cat post is a similar Current problem to that of mine. But mine is a Squirrel and a Magpie! Had Grey squirrels in the trees at the rear of the garden for 30 years and tbh I was never bothered with them and the kids loved them. But we saw them eating all the climbing roses buds and...
  19. kingfisher

    John Norris Ni1 DH rod

    After having a rethink on rods I had I decided to add a small 12’ rod to my armoury. I have a couple of switch rods for lighter work but felt I needed a 12’ for the smaller rivers I see my self fishing now and in the future. As my bank account wouldn’t stretch to a high end Sage or loop etc...
  20. kingfisher

    Hardy Marquis No2 reel and spool.

    SOLD I have as above an original brass foot Marquis No2 reel and zipped Hardy Pouch. Also a later gun metal coloured spool for the above in as new condition. both loaded with backing. The reel being an original old brass foot version has the usual gravel rash and some paint chips. I can send...