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  1. Horsbrugh

    Boot foot breathable waders

    My parter has very kindly offered to get me some new breathable waders for Christmas. I gave up on stocking foot waders a few years ago, mainly because I have a bad back and bending down to put on or remove the boots can make it worse. Also, a lot of my fishing is done after work, when I nip...
  2. Horsbrugh

    Conflict of interest

    With runs of salmon changing in recent times and a more dominant summer run developing on Tweed, the upper river is starting to see fish appearing earlier. As a result, September is now being fished more for salmon than in the past. This September on the upper Tweed, there has been a bit of a...
  3. Horsbrugh

    Trees might not be the answer

    According to this study planting trees in upland areas might not be as beneficial as previously thought.
  4. Horsbrugh

    Fantastic spring on Tweed

    Living next to the Tweed, it is very encouraging, to see the vastly improved catches of Spring salmon, so far this season. Obviously, the fishing has been somewhat delayed due to the lockdown but the recent catches are certainly cause for celebration. Long may it continue! Yesterday, Friday...
  5. Horsbrugh

    The River May 2020

    Sorry I can only seem to post this as a link. Any info on how to post the actual article directly would be much appreciated.
  6. Horsbrugh

    RTC statement

    Statement by RTC on the relaxation of lockdown announced by the UK Government on Sunday 10th May. Since the very first of the River Tweed Acts in 1807 the fishings on the river Tweed have been managed as a single unit notwithstanding the fact that the river rises in Scotland and reaches the sea...
  7. Horsbrugh

    Smolt tracking

    Here is some info on the ongoing smolt tracking work on the Moray Firth. Hopefully, this might convince some folks that fishery science is essential, if we are to fully understand and get some conclusive proof of what is happening to our fish. Atlantic Salmon Trust
  8. Horsbrugh


    Just got the news at 3am this morning that I am now a Grandad.?? A 7lb 9oz baby girl for my daughter, on the last day of the season too! Better than any fish today! Not posting any photos as someone is bound to question the weight.?
  9. Horsbrugh

    More hen fish

    Just wondered if others had experienced catching a higher proportion of hen fish this year. On the upper Tweed, in previous years, I would say that normally, the majority of the earlier fish that I have caught, have predominantly been male. However, this season all the early fish (Aug, Sept) I...
  10. Horsbrugh

    Beautiful coloured fish

    I know some have expressed their disapproval at posting pictures of coloured fish, but I make no apologies for posting this. To me this is a thing of beauty. His silver hues have long gone, but now he has taken on his Autumn colours and just like the leaves this morning, both look magnificent...
  11. Horsbrugh

    Full battle dress

  12. Horsbrugh

    Changing runs of Tweed salmon

    The History Of Tweed Salmon and its Lessons for Today - YouTube This video by Dr Ronald Campbell from the Tweed Foundation is worth watching.
  13. Horsbrugh

    Lack of salmon parr

    It has been mentioned several times in other threads, that some anglers have felt, there are now, nothing like the numbers of parr in their local rivers, compared to years gone by. This has often been based on the numbers caught while trout fishing. At a recent meeting, one of the Tweed...
  14. Horsbrugh

    A wee one from this morning

  15. Horsbrugh

    5lb from yesterday

    Nipped down for an hour last night and got this chunky 5lb sea trout. Plenty fish pushing forward in the upper Tweed now.
  16. Horsbrugh


    Don't know if this is just happening to me? Almost every time I try to access the forum via my iPhone, I get a screen appearing offering me a new iPhone 8. This has been happening for the past few days and sometimes keeps repeating making it impossible to do anything.?????
  17. Horsbrugh

    Tracking Salmon

    Tweed, along with most east coast rivers, is taking part in the Marine Scotland Science tracking project, which will be starting in July. Armadale tracking project Tags Wanted Reward Marine Scotland is tracking salmon from July 2017 and would like your help. If you catch a salmon...
  18. Horsbrugh

    18 springers killed in one day

    I have just heard that 18 spring salmon were killed yesterday (Monday) on the river Tweed. The fish ranged between 7 and 15lbs. They were caught by the Gardo netting station operating as the River Tweed Wild Salmon Co. Although spring salmon are protected on Tweed and all other Scottish rivers...
  19. Horsbrugh

    Fishpal river levels

    Don't know if this is just applicable to the Tweed or if it has been the same for other rivers, but I have found the Tweed river levels reported on Fishpal to be hopelessy inaccurate this season. You used to be able to check first thing in the morning, it updated again about mid day and again...
  20. Horsbrugh

    Can't reply to thread

    I have been trying to reply to the river Tweed thread and keep getting the same error message, saying my reply is too short and to increase it by one character. It does not matter how much I write, I get the same message. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Kenny