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  1. wormo

    whats in the dye pot today

    fox , runner and a wee bit squirrel really happy with colour , ive been using celtic blob dyes and they are great 👌 this was around 3:1 hot orange to scarlet to achieve a fire orange set with citric acid crystals and washed well first with degreaser
  2. wormo


    a firm favourite of mine is the flamethrower but I've never liked them on trebles as I never think they sit right so set out tonight to try and get them to look more like they do on a double , its defo all about proportions and positioning and I'm at last happy with these
  3. wormo


    a couple sparse gold body wullie guns #10
  4. wormo

    Kylie shrimp

    first go at these , really like the colour cant beat a bit of copper and orange
  5. wormo

    some recent ghillies and cascades

    a few i done over the weekend
  6. wormo

    Made in England Hardy swift 1025

    superb condition with case and box made in England biggest size one looking for £160 + p&p
  7. wormo

    Clyde raiders

    tied on #8 & 10 Nordic doubles
  8. wormo

    modern classics

    From the Gowan and Egan stable no doubt took 1000s of fish and a staple for any flee box
  9. wormo

    Whiting exclusive hen cape

    hi guys looking to sell this, brand new , great colour golden straw but can tell by looking at it the feathers are too small for my needs looking for £20 inc post or swap for a yellow 4b cape
  10. wormo

    park shrimps

    a few parks done on #12,14 and 16
  11. wormo

    A time for heros

    Is it time for us ?, can Scotland be the brave tomorrow night in Serbia? I really hope so, it won't be easy I can remember 22 years ago in France and b4 that but most of our younger generation will never have sniffed a tournament i also remember being robbed by Italy and the 2 day hangover it...
  12. wormo

    more magmas

    on #8 & #10 Nordic doubles
  13. wormo

    mini madness

    might need therapy after I finish these on size 16 wee doubles ?
  14. wormo

    SS ice maidens

    A lot of tying going into these bad boys , fun to tie though
  15. wormo

    A bunch of peaties

    basically a sort of mini snaelda , boy is heading to the northie with them on friday, with this rain prob better off with a 28g Toby though ?
  16. wormo

    Sloe Gin

    Hi guys I'm gonna have a bash at this soon , but checking my local source today there is a bumper harvest but they are still hard , when normally do u pick and any good recipes yo would recommend? craig
  17. wormo

    The Nessie C

    thought I'd post another SBS a good fly gor the beginner for its simplicity
  18. wormo

    rezzy basher

    well it might be if my local had anything in it
  19. wormo

    nae fish but plenty flees

    sorry av no fishy pics but another productive session at the vice over the weekend
  20. wormo

    wee garys

    tied on nice wee #14 patriots