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  1. Salmonidae

    Water Level Clyde

    This is pretty urgent, does anyone know how high the clyde is? A.k.A is it at spinning level or is it at its bones? Thanks for any replies. (p.s i'm probably going for a session tommorow very early so need to know now, and i can't drive so i can't check myself).
  2. Salmonidae

    Linea Effe Drago

    Has any one heard of this rod. I have one (got it recently, very cheap) and i was wondering if anyone could tell me whether its a good or bad idea to use it as a salmon spinning rod? :confused:
  3. Salmonidae

    First Cast In June

    The Clyde salmon season opened on 11th February as you'll all know. But i probably won't start fishing it (For Salmon) until june. Anyone with the same/similar plans? The river is the Clyde by the way. Although other rivers are welcome.:p:D
  4. Salmonidae

    Fishing Jobs

    Are there any fishing related jobs with this description: Get up early, go to whichever beat/river and just make sure that everything is in good order (no litter, no poaching etc)?
  5. Salmonidae

    What Line

    hi, im new to this forum and wanted to ask- what line do you recommend for salmon and what strength.cheers.