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  1. AlanT

    Pine Martin

    I see them up in Sunderland, the farmer I stay with has to make sure he has to lock up the chickens securely at night. The pine martins circle the coops for hours.
  2. AlanT


    Very nice 👌
  3. AlanT

    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    Oh no, thats a pita but it did make me chuckle a little as it reminded me of my friend taking a very important phone call just as he was about to play golf. He dropped his phone into his golf bag but had to keep talking. He had to switch between talking/shouting into the bag and putting his ear...
  4. AlanT

    Its a dugs life

    Abby, still going strong at 14 and a half years old
  5. AlanT

    Kate McLaren (Variant)

    Dinnae worry about them. This is my most successful trout fly of all time, a black deerhair Kate with flouro tail
  6. AlanT

    Kate McLaren (Variant)

    A lot of folk, including me, use glo brite, it works well
  7. AlanT

    Placement of spine when building a double handed fly rod

    Misaligned spines lead to sections 'walking' out of alignment and slackening off during a session. I had a Greys rod that done that. Every half hour or so I had to stop, rotate the second section and push the sections back together. Rod rings should be at 0deg or 180deg, nowhere else
  8. AlanT

    Black Friday deals

    The Rush 25 has two hiking pole holders which I use for carrying a made up rod and a rain cover hidden in the base. The quality is great
  9. AlanT

    Black Friday deals

    Anybody picking up goods deals, fishing or non fishing? My Black's Eurohike Rush rucksack has seen better days after nigh on 10 years extensive use. Fantastic rucksack for a days fishing, hiking etc. Ive finally decided its time to replace it (with the same one) They retail for £50. Today they...
  10. AlanT

    First custom part build

    Very smart!
  11. AlanT

    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    Of course I would.
  12. AlanT

    A wee bit interesting entomology from NZ

    Need to dig out the old lux meter in the loft ?
  13. AlanT

    A trip to Skye

    Great info thanks. I mainly fish the sutherland lochs but it sounds like the same tactics. Apart from the usual bibios, kates etc I love using big turk tarantulas when the sedges are on ? I like long walk ins to smallish intimate lochs but like the big lochs too, Fada might tick that box
  14. AlanT

    A trip to Skye

    I looked up Portree AC due to this thread. I need to visit those hill lochs one day.
  15. AlanT

    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    Ah, I was hoping it was a hostel or something so you could show me round ?, looks an interesting building ?
  16. AlanT

    Tie of the Month November: ‘A double date’

    ???I preferred the last one ??
  17. AlanT

    Tie of the Month November: ‘A double date’

    Cleanly tied and nice and bright 👍
  18. AlanT

    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    Saw it often from the road, looks fantastic! Is it a private house, hostel, empty?
  19. AlanT

    Ocean waders, how safe??

    I saw a video of someone recently jumping in a swimming pool with waders wearing a belt. As stated earlier the good thing is that it keeps air in your waders. The technique when wearing a belt is to raise your knees slightly closer to your chest, that way the the air cannot escape as its trapped...
  20. AlanT

    Winter Project - Custom Rod Build

    Lovely coloured blank and great work?