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  1. Rennie

    Water proof rucksack!

    Just back from my husbandly duties doing the weekly shop at Aldi and as a special buy, they'd a waterproof Rucksack for £9.99.Had a good rummage of it and it dosen't look too shabby at all.Two internal organisers and an outside sealed zip pocket.Fold and buckle top to seal the main compartment...
  2. Rennie

    Peat Stain!

    One of my club fishings on Ribble can be affected often quite heavily by peat stain.Just wondering what level of Peat stain, or Ph reading or indeed acidity level begins to switch Salar off, and then to the point why?. Is it down to a change in the water quality, or Salar just needing time to...
  3. Rennie

    Video sunglass's

    Any body taken the plunge with a pair of Video Sunglass's?.One of my fellow club members got a pair and they interest me as being easier to use than one of the body mounted chest camera's that many use to record the fishing fun they encounter. There was a pair in T+S some while ago and there's...
  4. Rennie

    Good Stuff in T+S !

    Hinted at this in a previous thread, but as many are often saying there isn't a lot of content in T+S for the Salmon Angler these days!. Well, at the moment there's a little gem in there slipping under the radar. Talking about the articles by Jim Coates, where he has an informal natter with folk...
  5. Rennie

    Decisions decisions!

    So, rod building, DIY project etc etc, 14ft 9 weight all rounder sort of a rod ( or maybe 13ft 6 ins 8 weight to be really up to date!), Skagit through Scandi to Long Bellies. Sage X or Sage Igniter?, what do you recon?, bloody 'ell, spending a Tykes brass for him!, you'll never get this chance...
  6. Rennie


    Any one got good recommendations for a good Salmon Anglers waistcoat?.Not a floatation device, just a good old waistcoat. One of the bains of my life is pockets that get in the way! when casting etc. so one with high mounted pockets, maybe a back pocket big enough for food n drink too. Not a...
  7. Rennie

    Wow factor!

    Well, a few hours into no more Salmon fishing this year and already I'm bored!. So just wondering, as maybe some of us are pondering new kit for next season (Ha!, I never stop!), what kit do we have that gives us the wow! factor when casting. Something that makes the job easy, makes us look...
  8. Rennie

    Line for Night Fishing.

    Every year I ignore some good fishing for the Sea Trout my club has to offer.As I'm usually pretty well Salar orientated, any I do get are usually a by catch, but very welcome. I've fished else where for the Silver Prince with some success, but its been on easier venue's with more fish and more...
  9. Rennie

    Well, Whats's to be Said ?.

    By now most of you will have got the gist of how my season has gone so far, up to a week or so ago Blankety Blank cheque book n pen!.However it did turn round and I've had 3 fish, some pulls and contact!. Thurs evening, tied up some more all red tubes, some plain plaggy and a few with a brass...
  10. Rennie

    Trump and Covid!

    Just wondering, has Trump drunk any Bleach yet, he did say it would cure the virus! Pedro.
  11. Rennie

    Salmon are like Buses - - - -

    Well whats to say?, was resigned to a Nil Pointer for this season.I was getting no feedback at all from Salar, barely seen a handful of fish all year (apart from the Tay, which had a fair few Kippers on show!), wasn't getting a pull or any indication at all. However yesterday that all changed to...
  12. Rennie

    Wader Studs.

    As I usually run two pairs of boots, a cheaper Felt and stud's one and a more robust Vibram and studs boot, it was time to replace the cheapo felt and stud boot. I bit the bullet and bought some Simms Headwater Boa with felt sole.Now I had some Kold Kutter studs left from the outgoing Guideline...
  13. Rennie

    Don't You Just Love Some People

    The bain of my life is the parking situation at the local Chemist, a mere 200yds or so from my house!.Its situated 1/2 way between a busy junction (200yds) and a blind bend the other.Directly opposite is a car park. The favoured parking spot for the chemist is frequently on the kerb as close to...
  14. Rennie

    Poly Leaders?

    Don't know if its just me and I'm not looking in the right places, or indeed there's a lot of purchasing pressure on them at the moment. But I'm having trouble finding a set of 10ft Salmon Polys. in the wallet.Can source 5ft items and Trout polys, but the Salmon 10ft sets, er rocking horse...
  15. Rennie

    No Change There Then!

    Well, whats to say?, just back from a week on Rome Croy and to my eternal shame I have to say I blanked. Thats the first time in 36 years I'll be returning a blank return.Did manage a Sea Trout on Friday and I saw more fish in the first two hours than I've seen all year on Ribble.Dare I say it...
  16. Rennie

    Stormont 2020

    Well folks, any feedback on the Stormont beats and how's the fishing this year? Me n Tyke of this forum will be on there in a weeks time, thrashing Rome Croy to a foam once more. Pedro.
  17. Rennie

    Simms Boa boots

    Just got myself some Simms Head Waters Boa boots with felt sole. I seem to recall that re-placement steel cord in the form of a kit is available for free from somewhere by applying etc. etc. Might this be true ?, it seems sensible to me to have spares in the bag for Justin (I do that for...
  18. Rennie

    Caravan/camping sites, Perth

    Any one help out here?, is the camp site open at Scone- conflicting reports at the moment!. Secondly any one help with a name or Contact details for the Caravan/ camping park Beech Hedge on the A93 just past Isla Mouth? Cheers, Pedro.
  19. Rennie

    Waist Packs

    In the search for perfection for the carrying of gear for a day on the water including food n drink. Has any one any feed back on the practicalities of waist bags!,Can you get enough stuff in- not a full kitchen sink though!, are they comfy, do they have an adverse effect on the life of...
  20. Rennie

    Fly size!

    In respect of the interesting thread of Spey Lines vs Modern, just wondering what thoughts exponents of either or both apply to choosing flee size!, if indeed there is a viable difference in speed between the style of lines, then surely that difference could also apply to flee size choice? Of...