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  1. Jack Holroyd

    Grantown ass 1974

    My first trip to Grantown on Spey ass water was in 1974. When we went for our permits to Mortimers tackle shop we were advised to buy a full ticket for myself, and a trout/sea trout ticket for my wife ( now that sexist attitude would make me scream) as she might catch a wee trout. The prices had...
  2. Jack Holroyd

    An Englishman

    An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman walked into a pub,,,,,,,,,,those were the days.
  3. Jack Holroyd

    Feb first.

    Good luck to all intrepid anglers for tomorrows first day on Dee ,Tweed and all the other opening waters. Let's hope the grue dissapeares early and there's a chance of a springer. Tight lines all.
  4. Jack Holroyd


    I tried to buy through pM, on classified , and have been banned from access. Why. Congratulations SFF on shooting yourself in the foot.
  5. Jack Holroyd

    Still game ,,, ish, in two mins, ish,.

    To hell with politics and all politicians . Still game is on in 3 sorry 2 sorry nowish..
  6. Jack Holroyd

    Tweed Autumn returns.

    Whatever has happened to the mid and upper Tweed fishings? 20 / 30 years ago most, if not all mid and upper Tweed beats returned at least 10 / 15 salmon per week plus some impressive sea trout to 15 lb. Approx half were firm silver beauties. I know that all salmon have had a terrible time this...
  7. Jack Holroyd

    Freezer is ready!

    Off to Grantown for a few days so have cleared three shelves in the freezer in expectation of at least Twenty sea trout and half a dozen salmon. Aren't optimists a pain and should be shot. I'm going anyway and will keep you posted on how many leviathans are returned!!!!
  8. Jack Holroyd

    Thanks guys.

    I stupidly broke the rod tip of my favourite rod last week, and phoned J Norris if they could help, as they were the original purveyors,( lovely word). As they don't hold spares, they helpfully passed me on to K P Spares as problem solvers . Perfect, new tip delivered in 48 hours, for cheap as...
  9. Jack Holroyd

    Sleeping kingfisher spotted.

  10. Jack Holroyd


    I see on fishpal six rods available on morphie next Tuesday at £60/ rod , min three rods. At this time of year there are a few crocks about, but plenty of new silvers coming off every tide. At sixty pounds , well worth a cast. I'd be there if I weren't up north.
  11. Jack Holroyd

    Pink salmon

    A pink salmon was caught on the Leven at Kinlochleven last night. I know that there have been a few recently from east coast rivers, but I think this is the first from the west. Where are these Pacific salmon coming from?
  12. Jack Holroyd

    Killing sea trout, when?

    Can someone please tell me when a sea trout can be legally killed in Scotland. I just had an awkward moment with a club committee member who said he could kill it coz it was damaged. I thought all salmons were returned till May. What are the rules?
  13. Jack Holroyd

    Fish farms, who's to blame?

    Where have all our salmon gone? 1. The mixed fisheries nets have been off this year,,,,little change. 2. Good water till the early autumn. ....few fish. 3. Low water beats which should fish their heads off in Aug/Sept have been struggling.....Again. There has been a small rise in springers ...
  14. Jack Holroyd


    Last five days on Gordon brae , on the lower Spey, has produced NINETY salmon. A ray of sunshine in these days of doom and gloom.
  15. Jack Holroyd

    New snow

    First of June and there is new snow half way down the mountain. Global warming???
  16. Jack Holroyd


    With these big tides, the main spring runs are now with us. It may take a few days to reach YOUR beat, but this is the peak! I am watching the tide from my window, and it's roaring through the narrows. Let's get going. Jack.
  17. Jack Holroyd

    Lochy flood.

    I wouldn't like to be on the Lochy today, it's showing SIXTEEN feet and rising.
  18. Jack Holroyd


    Sad day in France. My thoughts go out to the victims, relatives and friends in Paris. Shocking waste of life.
  19. Jack Holroyd

    Sea trout spawning.

    Wife and I went for four nights to speyside, no fishing, and walk the dogs without distractions. Great break, and it was lovely not to be able to fish. On the first evening, Sarah returns with dog1 and said, ' I heard splashing in the wee burn at the side of the path.' I took out the other two...
  20. Jack Holroyd

    Season review from Jack.

    As I decided to give up my fishings on other waters last year and concentrate on my local wee club water and the association water on the Spey at Grantown, my season finished today. What a strange season! Both waters started slightly disappointingly , but OK. Then fell flat in July. The Spey...