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  1. Oscar

    Wayhey we're back!

    What happened there then SFF? Oscar.
  2. Oscar

    Selectafly - Credit Where it's Due

    Ordered some flies form selectafly yesterday, and arrived on the door mat this morning. Less than 24 hours. Flies look great, tied well, and all with nice JC. Some were only £1 each too... Highly recommend them as a result. Oscar.
  3. Oscar

    Guideline LAXA Wading Boots Size 10/43 Felt Sole

    Hi All, I have a pair of these, virtually new condition, which are for sale. Pictures below. Looking for £55 plus postage. Oscar.
  4. Oscar

    Very excited about my new net!

    Since needing a new net I’ve been looking for a specific Whitlock net manufactured in the 90s. Lo and behold one popped up on eBay and I won it! The great thing about them is that the frame collapses in half allowing it to be put in a suit case. It remains strong in use despite this. Just hope...
  5. Oscar

    Scottish CMO & NZ Health Minister

    You really have to wonder what planet these people are on. It really really riles me and I hope they get in proper trouble when all this has died down. Absolutely shocking behaviour from those who clearly think they are above the rest of us and rules simply don't apply. Rant over! Oscar.
  6. Oscar

    Some Previous Well Read Threads!

    Hi All, I thought it might be nice to link a few of my ast threads which attracted some interest in these fishing-less times. Whilst it may just make people feel worse, it amy make some feel better, so worth doing! See below...
  7. Oscar

    Thurso 2020

    Hi All, Not sure it's my place to start this thread, but since nobody else has I will! Nice to see the river getting off the mark for 2020 on Saturday - quite an interesting pool for it to come from too; Gerston is a pool which looks and fishes fantastically, but rarely have I seen a fish, let...
  8. Oscar

    New Dog!

    Hi All, Just couldn't help sahring a pic or 2 of our new lass, Bonnie. Strong pedigree Show Cocker Spaniel, and whilst I doubt I'll get much opporntuity to shoot with her, I'm not ruling it out given how much she loves her Pheasant! Oscar.
  9. Oscar

    Why no normal SFF on the mobile any more?

    Hi, I see I am no longer able to view the 'traditional' website on my phone, it just automatically reverts to the mobile version (which I really don't like). Does anybody know if this is a permanent change, or can be reverted back somehow? Thanks, Oscar.
  10. Oscar

    Any plumbers out there?! Advice required!

    Hi All, Hoping we have a friendly plumber on board the SFF ship who can offer some simple advice. I recently had to replace the drain exit on a Wedi Fundo shower drain because it had cracked and was leaking into the lounge. This is the culprit: wedi Fundo Drain Kits - Tiling Supplies Direct...
  11. Oscar

    Anyone stayed in the Chalets at the Ulbster Arms?

    Hi All, I am heading back to the Thurso next year and with a view to saving some cash I’m wondering what the Chalets at the Ulbster Arms are like. We normally stay in the Lodges which are very nice, but if anybody had any experience, or even better, photos, of the Chalets it would be much...
  12. Oscar

    Salmon or Sea Trout?!

    Hi All, Time to settle a minor dispute! A friend caught this today, and reckons a samon (about 4lb). Another mate is sure it's a sea trout. I am in 2 minds. Colouration and 'spottyness' screams sea trout, but tail, wrist and maxilla all say salmon! I await comments with interest! Oscar.
  13. Oscar

    Whitlock Folding Salmon Gye Net wanted!

    Hi, I know a bit of a long shot, but I’m after a Whitlock net from around the mid 90s, which folds, extends and can be taken apart for travel. It’s the black one in this picture: Mullock's Auctions - LANDING NETS: (2) Hardy Simplex folding alloy landing... Any ideas welcome!! Thanks, Oscar.
  14. Oscar

    Well Done Simon Grace!

    I didn’t hear it myself, but hear Simon gave a good account on Jeremy Vine today - regarding shooting not fishing, but in many ways we’re all in the same anti’s crosshairs. Thanks Simon. ? Oscar.
  15. Oscar

    Anyone on here from Scierra Tackle???

    If so, I need to talk to you about an issue with a reel! I have emailed using the contact details on your website, and have so far been completely blanked! Staggers me how, in the service industry, people don't check their emails and respond immediately (or at least pretty quickly). Oscar.
  16. Oscar

    The Thurso 2019

    Surprising to see that a new thread has yet to be started for the Thurso, so here we go! Seems to have been a steady start to the season, but with 2 fish landed yesterday - one on B3 and one on B13 - it seems they are pretty well spread through the system, and on their way in. Tight lines to...
  17. Oscar

    Hardy Sirrus Allwater No.2

    Having seen one of these on a recent post, I quite like the look of them! Anybody one they want to part with? Thanks, Oscar.
  18. Oscar

    Simms Rivershed Wadinf Boots - Size 10 (UK)

    Simms Rivershed Wading Boots - Size 10 (UK) Hi all, I’m after the above. Must be in good condition. Thanks, Oscar.
  19. Oscar

    Patagonia Wading Boots. Opinions?

    Hi all, I’m in the market for some new Wading Boots and having eyed up the Simms G3, I see there’s some good prices on the Patagonia Foot Tractor Boots, but have no idea how good they are. Can anybody recommend, or not? I recently had some Guideline Boots which I thought were good, but then...
  20. Oscar

    Food hygiene question!

    Hi all, I’m appealing to those who know more about food safety than I! I bought a nice ham hock and pheasant terrine from Mr Waitrose and have inadvertently left it out of the fridge for 2 days. It’s unopened and sealed but I’m thinking it may be too risky to now eat. Or not?! Frustrating as...