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  1. Piker20

    Replacement for a barrio slx

    OK, so I'm currently using a 240grain #7 slx on my trout spey rod. The coating has all come off portions of the running line so I'm looking for a new line. I would go with barrio again but he's all out of stock and the running line issue has put me off a little. What intermediate lines can...
  2. Piker20

    New season same illness??

    Seems the thurso and helmsdale are suffering the same disease?? that affected the fish last year. They tried to blame lack of thiamine I seem to remember but you'd think all the rivers would see similar casualties if it was due to feeding.
  3. Piker20

    Anyone know the name of fly

    Can anyone share the name of the red fly with yellow eyes that they show toward the end of this piece? FLY TV - Small River Salmon in Denmark (double handed fly fishing) - YouTube
  4. Piker20


    My father in law has given me a box of vintage minnows. They all seem to be very muted shades. Black backs or very dark green and very dark bellies, even the gold is muted. Do these baits perform better in a toned down form? I have painted some blanks and mine look like a ravers dream compared...
  5. Piker20

    Fastnet gye

    Has anyone come up with a way of tightening the elastic cord that comes with the fastnet nets or a decent replacement? The net hangs too low and loose on my back and I want to tighten it so it holds higher up my back. Don't want to go the whole hog of a leather strap if possible.
  6. Piker20

    When to be harassing when to rest.

    You're the only person on a stretch of water and there is a fish or two in the head of a pool. You've got an hour to target them. How long do you cast over them before you write them off as just not taking.
  7. Piker20

    Best time for bucktail?

    With the plethora of materials available now I find myself looking at the old stalwarts like the willie gunn or Alistair and wondering about the best use for bucktail flies. Personally I think tubes tied 'in the round' provide a more solid silhouette and must push more water and create more...
  8. Piker20

    Something for the dropping spate.

    Tied on a metal tube for a bit of extra weight. My current coneheads seem a bit light even with faster poly leaders.
  9. Piker20

    Francis on a metal rivet piece.

    Can anyone direct me to the link that someone had a while back of the Francis using the metal rivet bits to create the taper and a back stop for the wool.
  10. Piker20

    Rac vac

    I have the clamp that sits on the roof part of the car but have lost/had taken (unsure which) the bonnet part of the set. Does anyone have an extra lying about before I buy a new pair?
  11. Piker20

    My new toy

    11ft 250grain micro spey for the grilse.
  12. Piker20

    Airflo rage 510

    For sale. Any offers? Small mark near front loop is from new. Not been trapped or stood on. Rear end has no loop on it as I'd attached direct to running line.
  13. Piker20

    Ultraspey shooting head system

    Sold ? Sold Thanks for looking
  14. Piker20

    Vision tank no. 4

    Any interest in a black vision tank no.4? Hoping for £125 posted
  15. Piker20

    Ultra spey fly line

    As new. Has been on a reel and off again. Includes a free running line. £70 posted
  16. Piker20

    They're coming home

    They're coming home. Footballers coming home. Too soon?
  17. Piker20

    Ultraspey head system 8/9 39g

    I have an as new boxed line in 8/9. My local venue is too narrow to use this type of multi head line. Its been on a reel but off again without seeing water. Also include an extra tip wallet with some used scientific angler 15ft tips. Hoping for £75 posted.
  18. Piker20

    proof there are only so many fish to go round?

    Rare attacks by dolphins on porpoises photographed - BBC News
  19. Piker20

    Any weekend pilots?

    Very long shot but not likely anyone flying from Inverness, aberdeen or wick or any little field between to dublin or Belfast June 22nd have room for a hitch hiker?