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  1. bankwheel

    Some spring tubes

    They will all work fine pal, hope you are well, might get a day on the Deveron with you next spring
  2. bankwheel

    Which switch

    Yes you are 100% correct it’s a rod that can be used single or double handed. Some manufacturers claim they have a range of switch rods but in fact they are just short double handlers. Look for casting weights of 16 to 19 grams, any heavier and it’s difficult to use for a prolonged time as a...
  3. bankwheel

    Vosseler passion reels

    The passion was made after the so called “copy” and is based on that. Both are quality reels
  4. bankwheel

    Vosseler passion reels

    I have two of the Salmologic ones which the Passion is based. These are excellent Quality reels. They are not as loud as a Classic but that suits me just fine
  5. bankwheel

    Which switch

    The best there is:)
  6. bankwheel

    Grey and Olive

    Love these, had a few fish on a very similar fly this season on the spey, Tay, Findhorn and Garry
  7. bankwheel

    An attempt on a banana

    Very nice, they look amazing in the water
  8. bankwheel

    'Fess up. Which one of you sent this letter?

    Ha ha Brilliant
  9. bankwheel

    Atlantic Salmon on a toothpick anyone?

    Seen plenty of people playing fish to death with 15footers, it’s not the rod it’s how you use it
  10. bankwheel

    New boots for 2021

    I like both soles, felt for the summer when rocks are slimey but for all other times it’s rubber and studs. Ha try wearing felt soles when there is snow on the ground and you will grow 4”. Dangerous for bank fishing but good on slippery stones. I have a 2 x Simms and 2 x Patagonia boots both...
  11. bankwheel

    Couldn't believe it.

    I have an orange one if you want it
  12. bankwheel

    Danielsson for 14’6” Hardy Zephrus

    If you like the Spey style reels but don’t like the noise then have a look at the Vosseler Passion, very well made and beautiful reels, more expensive but quality
  13. bankwheel

    Wow factor!

    Good thread this nice to see people getting enthusiastic about next season already. A rod that really worked for me this year was the Serenity 12'10" 31g matched with various SL heads, I've had it for a couple of years but for one reason or another didn't get out to play much, it excelled with...
  14. bankwheel

    Wash Simms Jacket

    No jacket will stay waterproof without regular washing and treating, as Potbellied Pig says, the Nikwax products are excellent
  15. bankwheel

    Dee Sheep

    Really like that
  16. bankwheel

    A Wee Two Eyed Willie

    Very nice indeed
  17. bankwheel

    Halladale July 2020

    Great review Nigel
  18. bankwheel

    Patagonia River salt & SST wading jackets

    I got my first SST in 1997 and my brother still has it, a brilliant lightweight jacket. Since then I have had two Simms, two Guideline and a few others. All have been good, Simms probably the best quality but the highest price, I really liked the Simms Guide for its simplicity, the G4 on the...
  19. bankwheel

    Green flies...yes or no?

    This is an interesting thread, I do like the idea of more subtle flies, surprising the fish especially with residents, I also use much less flash materials now, don’t know if that makes a difference but it ups the confidence factor for me
  20. bankwheel

    Green flies...yes or no?

    Yep they are basically olive cascades, good in clear water