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    Mackenzie Rods Sale Discount Code

    Mackenzie have sent me an email including a discount code, giving 30% off Atlas rods this Black Friday weekend - ATLAS30 to be used at checkout. I dont know if that helps anybody, but your welcome if it does.
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    At least we don't have a problem with knots this season. Tempted to go and have a look.
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    Camping Sites -Hexham/Corbridge

    Could anybody recommend a camping site in the Hexham / Corbridge area please ? My efforts at camping (very infrequently) seem to have involved getting very little sleep. But as you may guess, I am trying to go fishing but minimize human contact. The Tyne is just too long a drive for me to...
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    Barn Owls - Sightings

    Is it me, but are there more Barn owls about at the moment than usual? I have seen quite a few hunting in the day time recently - is that normal for this time of year? Edit: trying to change title to Barn Owls, but cant seem to; perhaps Bar Owls is better anyway
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    Ian Gordon Blog - Abundance and the NA Oscillation

    Ian gordon has just posted a very interesting explanation of why you get good grilse years and good salmon years - but rarely both together. I have heard about the North Atlantic oscillation but didn't understand this particular significance of it. If you are in the same boat, I think its...
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    Netting :Consultation potential extension Yorkshire and North East coastal Sea Trout

    Link to consultation on extending NE Coast Sea Trout netting season: Potential extension to the Yorkshire and North East coastal sea trout netting season - Environment Agency - Citizen Space 'Following the consultation, a summary of all submissions received will be...
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    Carron or Gaelforce ?

    Since I have started looking at secondhand speylines for sale, Carron and Gaelforce lines seem to be coming up fairly regularly. Out of the two, which manufacturer is most widely favoured ? Also, for fishing somewhere like the bottom of the main Tyne are the 55' or 65' lines considered the...
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    I am thinking of going retro this year, when I fish a wide enough river with a good, streamy flow. I have still got my old 15' Loop Classic Spey rod, but dont have any longer lines spey lines left, from those years. I think I got on best with a Hardy Mach 55 spey line, before using an AFS with...
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    EA and River Sewage Discharges - CH4 News Tonight

    900,000 hours of human sewage and rainwater flow into UK rivers every year – revealed I know it has been observed and recognised before, but if you watch this section of tonight's Channel 4's news, you can see the EA officials appearing to apologise on behalf of the water Industry (and doing...
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    Not Much for Australia ?

    I am not sure if I am on the right track, but the UK doesn't seem to being doing much visibly for Australia in its current predicament ? I would of thought we could of offered a British Naval vessel with helicopters to stand off the coast or a coordinated fund raising effort to purchase new...
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    Line For - 11' Guideline Exceed Switch 7#

    A friend has just asked me if I could recommend a line for a 11' Guideline Exceed Switch 7# weight; marked on the blank to require a 16 - 18 grams line (230 280 grains). As I have never owned a Switch rod, I couldn't give him any direct advice - I understand Switch rods can be tricky to get a...
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    Daily Mail - Wanted Salmon Fishing Decline Info

    I have just seen this below on a fishing Facebook page. I assume it's legitimate - the name does come up when googling Daily Mail. Somebody may want to pass on some Salmon info to him: Quote: 'GUY ADAMS: Morning, ladies and gents... for my day job (when I'm not standing in a river), I write...
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    Brave - Down Plug Hole Peak District anglers dangerously close to huge plug hole - BBC News
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    Where do Grilse Feed ?

    The thread title says it all - where do Grilse feed ? I should know this, but dont. Do they get all the way to Greenland; if not where do they head to ? If so, from the size of some of the fish pictured recently, its a long way to go to put on just 4 or 5lbs in weight, during their winter at...
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    Painting Bathroom Shower Tiles ?

    The previous owner of my house had the bathroom and shower professionally tiled to high standard - much better than the tiling I could do. Unfortunately we dont seem to share the same (colour ) taste. The tiling is in great condition, its just the colour; apart from the obvious cost...
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    Fishing in Norway Video - Enjoyable

    FLY TV - Salmon Fishing with Two-Handed Rods (German Subtitles) - YouTube
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    Are Short Rods Just a Recent Fad ?

    Obviously a shorter rod is better for smaller rivers (as I have found with my recent purchase), but I an wondering if their use on larger rivers is just a fad? I have been using a new short rod on the main Tyne this week, with the fish (as usual) on the far bank of the best pool. I expected...
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    Is it a Snap T or Double Spey ?

    I am being especially thick this morning but does this clip show a Snap T or a double spey ? If its a double spey I have been doing the initial sweep upstream wrong for years - which is quite probable. Thanks...
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    Danger - Fishing and Flash Flooding

    I have been feeling frustrated this week trying to predict when or where to fish (amongst forecasts of unpredictable thundery downpours). However, I have come to the conclusion I have been better staying at home, than the poor chap who got stranded today at Burnfoot on the Border Esk. Very...
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    River Suir - French Operated Beat ?

    I recently heard about a beat on the River Suir, which has the fishing organised/run by a Frenchman - cant be too many beats like that. I just wondered which beat it is ? Thanks