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    River Wear 2020

    Well done matey
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    River Wear 2020

    Ouch , bad luck matey
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    River Wear 2020

    Had these 2 today one on a small rapala style lure and the other one on the prawn , , also saw 2 otters in the pool , one popped up beside me , 5 min later hooked the 2nd salon , both returned
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    River Wear 2020

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    River Wear 2020

    Nice one Dave ,
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    River Wear 2020

    Well done on the Zander Robert , shame we won’t see you this year , will look forward to meeting up next year
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    Do you think it matters what fly

    Looks a lovely fly to me
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    River Wear 2020

    Caught this lovely cock fish today , nice firm take only my 2nd fly caught salmon
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    River Wear 2020

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    Leader Material - Nylon vs Flourocarbon ?

    Maxima clear in 12lb and 15 lb for the fly , but I always use seagur flouro 18lb when spinning
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    River Wear 2020

    Popped down to Durham this eve for the last 3 hours of light , fished from the steps to the White House , water was very low and clear,only saw one fish and that was very coloured ,, was nice fly casting practice though
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    How to fish flying c's

    Just a thought on the swivels , I always use a sharpes BB bearing swivel
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    Whatever Next

    Lovely read
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    Greys rod question

    I’ve got a newer version , just says Bait rod lines 7lb to 12lb . Handles salmon lovely, green blank
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    River Wear 2020

    Great report Dave , it’s a pool I’ve always struggled to get to grips with
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    The sizing of carfully returned salmon

    Does the weight of a salmon really matter,catching one is a huge achievement , get a quick photo for the memory, job done.
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    greys GR60 11ft switch

    I have the GR50 switch7/8 , got a Barrio 7/8 switch line , and it’s perfect
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    Amnesia for running line

    Just had some power flex delivered , don’t like it at all seems very stiff , gave it a really good stretch, but still coiled up , will stick to Amnesia
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    Leader rings

    I use a grinner knot , never let me down
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    Ultima Powerflex

    Have been using 30lb amnesia on my shooting heads , will give this a try