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    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    Not an anti vaxer by any means but I won`t be in any rush to get a vaccine that, as far as I can see, has been rushed through the testing and trial period. Do I trust every assurance uttered by big pharma and the governments - nope , afraid not. Plenty of instances over the years of government...
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    Locked Down Tweed ?

    Cracking seatrout in spawning colours , looks around 33" , 14lb mark ?
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    Daiwa signature spin price

    Good rods , nicely finished, for the heavier side of fishing and they were top of the Daiwa range for a while , retailing around the £150 mark I believe. Seen one or two going through E-bay and they usually generate a bit of interest and I`ve seen them go for around £70 or £80 on there, if I...
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    River Tweed 2020

    Just seen this , wish I`d seen it earlier to see if it confirmed the accuracy of the Tweed salmon weights published charts before I knew the weight. However ,checked it out anyway as it is a really good picture for getting an estimate of length ,being straight on and hands clearly visible that...
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    Coloured fish

    Back in the day, when my local river got some of the best runs of the season in October, it was noticeable in the lower river that the runs coincided with the tides which made me believe the majority of the fish were moving up river from the estuary. Most had some degree of colour in them but...
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    River Tweed 2020

    When CharlieH was doing his guess the weight thread I found the Tweed / weight length chart was the most accurate, if you could get a close estimate of length , so much so that I would now use it for any fish I wanted to know a fairly accurate weight of without having to stress a fish out by...
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    New Salmon Research.

    The same report was posted on this forum by woodsy a few days back :- Try reading that as a layman ! Hard going , I can tell you , to get your head around all the estimates , modelling and statistical analysis to arrive at their...
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    Do you think it matters what fly

    Heard of many salmon flies but what is a beetle?
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    Well, Whats's to be Said ?.

    Got to agree, at around 41" it has to be at least 25 lb even with the kype , great catch.
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    Guess the weight

    I think your estimate of 15 lbs is very close to the mark , nice fish , well done.
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    Your Biggest Gripe, 1 only

    Funny you should say that as a couple of days ago I was fishing a river around 40 yds wide and from 500 yds away I saw spray coming off the water as if a jet ski was zooming around, headed downstream to see what the commotion was all about and it was just someone "fly fishing" down the pool.
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    Loch Lomond & river Leven 2020

    I went down for a look around last week and it reminded me of the "old days" with combat fishing in full swing and numerous gnome like behaviour, even from some so called Fly fisherman who, I assume, have adopted the tactic : if you can`t beat them, join them. I believe the seals have broken up...
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    Seen pictures of plenty of silver fish caught in the Gryffe recently , all farmers , so I would imagine there must be plenty up the Carts as they all share the same estuary.
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    Loch Lomond & river Leven 2020

    The leven is already any method so not sure what you`re suggesting. The leven is at a very good height for catching fish at the moment (plenty are getting caught ), historically it always produces more salmon when it is higher and the big catches taken by some very experienced local anglers at...
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    Escaped salmon from Argyll farm appearing in west coast rivers

    Yes I`ve heard that theory a few times but I`m not so sure as it must be like finding a needle in a haystack at times, in the vastness of the ocean, to find a shoal of wild salmon and tag along. Maybe they can smell the freshwater and follow it to its source even though it is very dilute ?
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    Escaped salmon from Argyll farm appearing in west coast rivers

    Seen reports and pictures showing these escaped salmon are now showing up in the border Esk , with 4 taken in two days. EA is investigating , will be interesting to see what action they take. Makes you wonder how they decide which direction they head off in when they escape and how they find...
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    Seen photos on facebook of a guy holding up three farmers that he caught in the centre of Paisley I believe . Must be stuffed with them there , strange you`re not seeing them in the Linwood / Johnstone areas.
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    Escaped salmon from Argyll farm appearing in west coast rivers

    If you like eating salmon , which is a rarity in most salmon anglers I`ve met , then the powers that be have forced us into only eating the farmed kind , maybe that was the plan all along. As one of the rarity , if I caught one, I would have no hesitation in eating it although I would far prefer...
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    Escaped salmon from Argyll farm appearing in west coast rivers

    looks as edible as any other farm salmon to me , certainly not the grey colour i`ve been told. Caught plenty of wild , silvery , summer salmon that were exactly that colour inside. Agree that March / April / May springers are usually an even deeper red and they are the very best for eating , no...
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    Braved the wind and rain this morning

    You would need to be very quick as the Clyde is strictly limited to 200 season tickets max , which , considering Glasgow and greater Glasgow is the most densely populated area of Scotland , is a tiny amount of availability. Believe the tickets this season were sold out within a week or two when...