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  1. J

    Rio SSVT 8 Weight

    Loads of people love this line but I have no use for it, so up for sale at £70 posted
  2. J

    Pflueger President 2884 Reel and Spare Spool

    Hardly used 4.5" 10/12 President fly reel and spare spool. Comes with 70' spey line (Hardy from memory) Slight dent to reel foot but reel fully functional and in good order apart from that. Will include Ian Gordon short head 9/10 intermediate line as well. £95 including postage SOLD
  3. J

    Mikkeli Blue ?

    Attempted a Mikkeli Blue with materials I had rather than all the MF stuff which I don't have. Used some fritz for the body but will use mixed dubbing in my next attempt. Tied it just in case I for once fish during during the night in Norway:shocked: Like my bed too much, so usually content...
  4. J

    12' Oracle Spey Rod

    Having a bit of a clear out of stuff. Bought this for my grandson but he shows no interest in fishing so has been gathering dust for 9 months. Only been test cast by myself. SOLD
  5. J

    Fishing Memories 2017

    Well I've had my last cast for salmo this season, my season ended today. Put together some pics to keep me going till next year and thought I'd share them. Enjoy
  6. J

    If you want to be effctive don't just post here!

    If you want to be effective don't just post on the SFF I have followed threads like, " No back end run again etc" and see and appreciate the frustration of many, including myself. Posting on the forum helps with our frustration but is it as effective as it could be in bringing the issues to...
  7. J

    What caused these marks?

    Any experts out there that can identify the damage marks on this salmon? Apart from the scarring on the body there is thin cut mark from the behind the top of the head downwards to behind the gill. Thought seal at first as they are present in the river. Then thought could it be a dolphin /...
  8. J

    Spey o Rama 2017 Live Link

    For those interested here it is SOR 2017: World Championship of Spey Casting | Standings
  9. J

    Cheap and good fly fishing set ups

    Here is one I can recommend. Put together a rod and line combo for my grandson. I got the rod for £80 new ( a bargain ) the 12' 9" Exp usually comes in just over £100. I matched it with a John Norris integrated shooting head line, what they call their 7/8, it weighed 33g over the head length...
  10. J

    Guests no longer welcome!

    Speaking to a friend today who used to visit the forum as a guest. He was saying he gets locked out now after he views a certain number of posts. I always thought it was good that Guests could view as many posts as they wanted but had to join to use the search engine etc and make posts...
  11. J

    Oracle 12' Spey rod rated 7/8

    Bought myself one of these because I didnt have a 12' rod:rolleyes: and it was cheap:rolleyes::rolleyes: First opportunity to try it was today and well..... I was pleasantly surprised, very pleasantly surprised:). Totally different action and feel to my favoured Oracle scandi rods but boy put...
  12. J

    Spey o Rama 2016 Live Link

    For those interested in competitive Spey Casting here is the live link to results, currently Mens Qualifying is taking place
  13. J

    Fly Tying Double Hooks

    Never found the perfect hook yet....very often because the quality has been poor and often the price more than that of pure gold per gram:rolleyes:. So for 2016 I will be trying these as my go to double hook Now they are still not my perfect hook, they are however very sharp, with few...
  14. J

    Pictorial Memories of 2015

    To help keep me sane until the new season I produce an end of season video using some of the clips and pics taken during my fishing. Not always the best quality as much is taken on my phone. From time to time during the off season I'll watch it and others, reflect back on the many wonderful...
  15. J

    Sinking Skagits

    Decided I needed a sinking skagit for certain situations next year. Having had the opportunity to cast the prototype Gaelforce Patriot Sink 3 Skagit I put my name down for one. However I was going to need some T tips of different densities to go with it. What a price that T stuff is:eek: often...
  16. J

    Can anyone identify this mark?

    Can anyone help identify this mark? I caught this fish in 2013 on a Scottish river. I showed the clip at the time to fishery staff on the river and they thought it may be a inkjet marked fish but they had not marked any themselves. You will see the orange mark I am talking about. If anyone...
  17. J

    What a combo ...the video

    They say every picture tells a story.....but what about a video? Posted a pic in the picture thread a few days ago, so here to bore you, is the video:eek: Have a laugh at my expense:D .....I aint as fit and nibble as I used to be or I'd have beaten the fish to the landing places:rolleyes: Oh...
  18. J

    What a combo

    My good old shakey exp 13' 9" combined with my 550 gaelforce skagit got this beauty. Measured 90 cm and estimated at 7.1 kg. Fairly put the shakey to the test:D e
  19. J

    Spey- O- Rama 2015

    I have been sent a live results link for this year's Spey o Rama being held at the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club in San Fran Qualifcation has just started at 5pm our time today. Finals are tomorrow at 5pm Don't see Compo on the list:( Don't see anyone from England:rolleyes: Just the one...
  20. J

    Skagit Christmas time is here

    For my Christmas, my dear wife said to me, I'll buy you one of these skagits setups, but which one should it be. I went and tried a few and know the best for me, but will she agree? Indeed will you agree? What set up do you think is best for me? Top three even?