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    How to fly fish deep pools?

    How can you fish for salmon on the fly in 20-30’ deep pools?
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    Skagit tip set

    Anyone have a good suggestion for one? Currently have the Rio set of three and they are past there best so need a new set. Is it better to buy individual ones?
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    Mortima and Whitehouse at it again :)

    Great viewing
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    Can anyone tie me a half a dozen flies please? Everyone out of stock.

    Please inbox me if you can? Thanks
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    Welly slap.

    Anyone know how I can stop this at the top of my wellies as I walk it’s so annoying only have spindly legs ha ha ;)
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    9/10 shooting head line (floating)

    Anybody got one they might part with? Currently have a 44g and it’s too heavy.
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    Dealing with public on the river

    Just wondering if anyone has had dealings with people jumping in your swim from boats and swimming in the river and sending dogs in to swim right where your fishing ???? What can you say or do to deal with them?
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    Line weight question

    Hi there is a 640grain scandi kit from Rio too heavy for a 14’ lohric 9/10 mid to tip action rod?
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    Log cabin for holiday/fishing hut

    Anybody got one? who did you get one from and do you need planning permission etc? Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Scott Mackenzie DTX 15’ shooting head rod

    Rod for sale in good condition selling due to not getting used £200+postage can send pictures on request.
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    Harrison Blanks

    Are they as good nowadays as the technology in all the other rod makers blanks has moved on so much? Graphene sintrex etc. Just wondering if Harrison blanks are old technology?
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    Scott Mackenzie dtx 15’ shooting head rod

    Good condition rod for sale can send pictures on request just don’t use it these days. £250 posted SOLD
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    Salmon fishing Scotland

    Has anyone fished the Balmoral beat of the Dee? Can you fish for the day or is it booked on a weekly basis? Need to fish somewhere better than the Eden ?
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    Sharpes gye net

    Hi when worn on your back should the handle be worn pointing the ground or the sky? Thanks
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    What size reel?

    What size for a 8/9 switch rod 7/9 reelor a 10/12 for salmon/sea trout?
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    Buffalo special 6

    Good coat for fishing in??
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    Pike Fly Rod

    Preferably 10’ 10# if anybody has one?
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    Burt Reynolds

    Such a sad loss!!
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    Burns of York

    Hi anybody had one built from this guy? I hear he’s really good and uses Harrison Blanks.
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    Who gives the best warranty and is it really worth it or do you just buy cheap and replace when tips break? Thanks