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    Line stripping injury’s

    Does anyone else suffer from the line cutting into your finger crease? Bloody sore! I’ve got working hands so it’s not due to having soft hands. If anyone else suffers from this, how do you deal with it? I’ve bought a pair of glacier gloves but the line still tends to move off of the glove onto...
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    Gaelforce integrated running line tangles

    Does anyone else suffer from infuriating tangles with this running line? First time I’ve ever experienced this with a running line. I’m managing the line in loops approx a rod length and shooting around 40ft but the bloody line keeps tangling up and shooting through the rings. God help me if a...
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    Tying Vice Help Required Please

    Hi folks, Need to try and get more involved in fly tying and my current cheapo vice needs to be upgraded. I just cant decide which vice to go for. I was poised to buy the Anvil Atlas but then spotted the Griffin Montana mongoose and a few others. Unfortunately I cant find a left handed...
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    Lovely Tyne Salmon Yesterday

    Thought it was too low yesterday when I turned up. Saw this fish enter the pool and covered it. Lovely wee fish approx 7-8lbs I think. Went back strong Chuffed ;)
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    A nice wee fat grilse today

    Just when I thought all hope was lost. First this year, only been out twice to be fair but very welcome in challenging conditions.
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    Rio lines for sale Scandi Versitip and Skagit Max

    Hi lads, I recently bought a new rod and some lines to try out, unfortunately I didn’t get on with the rod and have moved it on, now time to move the lines on. The versitip was used for an hour or two and the Skagit Max Short and iMow are brand new, never out of the box. Rio Scandi Short...
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    Air Lingus Rod Surcharges

    Hi Lads, Planning a trip to the Bandon in Cork sometime in June from Newcastle but going through the process there appears to be a surcharge of £40 for "sports equiment". Surely they cant change £40 each way for one fly rod in a tube can they? Its actually more expensive for the rod than it is...
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    Feather Advice

    Hi all, Im looking for a reference to distinguish the difference between cock hackle, hen hackle, capes, saddles, etc, etc and what their intended uses are. I notice the good quality ones are not cheap and I dont want to make an expensive mistake. Up until now I have only bought the little...
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    How can I cover these salmon without snagging the rocks

    Appreciate if anyone can give some advice on how to cover the above fish. I tend to use a slow sink polyleader to get down a bit but constantly snag the bloody rocks. Apologies for the dodgy photoshop skills :doh:
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    Hardy Jet Switch Sintrix 11' 8/9 As New

    Removed from sale due to my marksman t snapping today :(
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    Rio ssvt #9

    Appreciate if anyone is thinking of selling one please give me a shout. Many thanks
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    Wanted: Hardy Jet Switch Sintrix 11' 8/9

    Hi lads, Missed all the offers that were going online. I'm hoping someone managed to get one, tried it and wants to move it on. thanks
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    Shooting Head Rating for a single hander

    Ive just stuck a butt extension on an old Penn Progression 10'6" single hander for my boy, its rated #7-9. Anyone know how to convert to a double hander SH rating? I tried cutting a DT11 in half and making my own SH for him but I obviously went the wrong way as it was way too heavy for the rod...
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    Blue Charm Help

    Guys, whats the wing made of [natural squirrel tail?]and any ideas where I can purchase some? Also whats the fluff on the tag? Cheers
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    Skagit Cheaters!

    I have them, I know where they go but I have no idea what they're for and why you would put one on! What am I supposed to be cheating?
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    Hardy Demon Reel 10/11

    As per title, PM only please
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    Angling Missing from Welsh Outdoor Survey

    Dear members and friends, We need your help to complete a 5 minute online questionnaire before the 20th of September please. We have recently been alerted to a survey of outdoor activity in Wales that is being carried out by the Welsh Assembly Government which does not include angling as one...
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    Request for Bann Special SBS

    I love the look of this fly and was wondering if one of the guru's would be so kind as to post a SBS for one. Many thanks Paul
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    Demon Balancing Act!

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if any of you have a 15' demon 3 piece. I have recently acquired one from the classifieds and am fairly happy with it but my reel is letting the rod down. For this rod Im using my Vision Koma reel and the rod is quite tip heavy. It's surprising that only an gram or two...
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    Running Line

    Hi Guys, I looking for a shooting head running line. Just bought a G2 SH now need a running line to go with it. Anyone?