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    Junction River Tweed

    Just noticed a week is available on the above beat next month £685 + Vat per rod day 6 rods on the go = 685x6=4110x6=£24.660 add the vat @ 20% and hey presto = £29,592.00 for the week excluding the usual accom & bevvy.:eek: Anybody up for it:rolleyes: personally i think the Tweed are now...
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    Helmsdale Opening 2013

    Any of the troops heading up North for the above? Myself and Awesome Orchy and one of the mates are going for it again this year booked into the Bridge Hotel From the Thursday night until the Sunday then doon the road with the Liver getting towed in a trailer;)
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    the 4 amigos

    Gents decided to visit Awe for a few days with my daughter arrived this afternoon and while fishing spotted 4 suspicious looking blokes :eek:walking down the other side of the river. as i observed/listened i noticed 4 different accents i couldnt belief my ears 1 posh glaswegian a paddy a...
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    Breaking News 20.8.10

    Troops i am soory to be the bearer of bad news:( but is seem our esteemed member Altmor has went to the dark side:eek:he was spotted this morning in Troon harbour boarding a boat clad in seafishing gear and not a 15ft altmor to seen anywhere:D:D we need to get him therapy fast :cool:
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    Fish of the week Daily Record

    Troops check out this weeks fish of the week Daughters 1st Salmon:D I am one happy bunny:D:D Straw hats and trumpets the night:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Craigellachie Sat 27th March

    Due to work commitments:mad:( i have 1 rod available for the above this Saturday £30.00 secures send PM if anyone interested.
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    ABU Tobys originals

    Ladies and Gents With all the interest in the above i have just had a rake through an old box of lures and lo and behold i have found 6 Original tobys:eek: if any members are interested in making an offer for them send me an PM list as follows :- 1x30g Salmo silver...
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    Nice Fish

    At last it works:D:D:D
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    Nice fish

    Gents Please find attached some pics of a 36.5 inche sea liced Springer i caught straight off the tide yesterday morning:cool: it pulled my scales down to the limit at 22lbs my net is 2 pounds so its a 20 pounder for arguments sake i was fishing with 12 and half foot sage DT sink tip...
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    Posting Pictures

    Please could 1 of the members please put a step by step guide how to upload pictures:confused: i believe this was posted before but i cannot find the item in the Archive:mad:as i have some nice pics to put on. Cheers
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    Bus to kelso Sunday

    Gents There is a Bus running from Lochwinnoch this Sunday down to Kelso there are 9 seats left (£12.00 return) entrance fee if any you pay yourself on arrival. It is picking myself and Altmor up at 7.30am at the Mitchell Libary and leaving kelso at 4pm (latest) if any forum memebers...
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    Murthly 1 Saturday 15.3.08

    2 rods available for Murthly 1 this Saturday something unavoidable has cropped up if any members interested PM me. £80.00 for the 2 rods
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    Hello folks

    Just a wee note to introduce myself was told about this site by my friend altmor i am finding it very informative lot less politics on this site than others i have looked at. Me and my friends mostly fish in Argyle from April onwards the Rivers Awe and you can guess by the handle the Orchy but...