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  1. Hoolet

    More wet flies for rainbows

    Those are real fish catchers in anyone’s book Len...I’ll be raiding your fly boxes soon !! hoolet.
  2. Hoolet

    Coquet salmon NAF

    Proper Autumn fish right there, well done hoolet
  3. Hoolet

    North esk 2020

    I’m hearing that Tam, went up the Allan last week after that good lift, started at 12.30 & finished at half 4, my mate & I had 4 salmon & 2 sea trout. ill keep fishing the Northie, I had my first Salmon there On Craigo in the late 80’s, my biggest catches in terms of numbers. I’ve had three...
  4. Hoolet

    North esk 2020

    i know the feeling,Over the past few years we’ve had our last days fishing on the river in October as its “prime time” pearly September will be the cut-off next year for sure. Hoolet.
  5. Hoolet

    North esk 2020

    We were up On Pert yesterday, as per Tam it was hard going for us too although I did Pick up a 10lb hen in fairly good nick in the upper bridges & lost one in the glide below the old bridge Only for it to fall off after a short while. Both were on a size 12 Flamethrowe. There were 3 others...
  6. Hoolet

    Time for change. Independence for Scotland ?

    Who pi**ed on your cornflakes?
  7. Hoolet

    Time for change. Independence for Scotland ?

    This will not end well.....
  8. Hoolet

    Rodent eating trout!

    We fished a hill loch near Aberfeldy and my Dad fishing about a hundred yards further along the bank caught a nice trout around a pound, I saw him get his priest out then heard a right girly scream then a shout to come see....same as your fish, thought it’d eaten a mouse , it was actually a wee...
  9. Hoolet

    A Lump From The Teith

    Excellent Tam....lovely fish, well done. Hoolet.
  10. Hoolet

    The Dreaded Flying C

    Do fishers not have first hand evidence? What a lot of bo****ks. Just another attempt at banning any method not seen as ok by the wuperts
  11. Hoolet

    September (mid)flies for river Teith and earn?

    Had this one on a size 12 Flamethrower on the Teith last week after losing two on the previous run down the pool on a rising water, I’d always be confident on the Teith
  12. Hoolet

    Big ole Double digit Henfish

    Lovely fish & excellent photos. Well done. Hoolet
  13. Hoolet

    River Devon beaver re-introduction

    Maybe you should try picking up a rod & go fish....then you’ll see.
  14. Hoolet

    River Devon beaver re-introduction

    You’ve read a book & seen a few photo’s?....hardly an argument against those that have seen this with their own eyes & I can add that I’ve been fishing the beat for 35 years...the damage done in such a short period of time is astonishing.
  15. Hoolet

    River Devon beaver re-introduction

    You’ve quite obviously never seen the destruction caused by beavers or you wouldn’t be spouting such nonsense, tree stumps are good for birds? In what way...? Chicken wire around trees....are you serious??
  16. Hoolet

    River Devon beaver re-introduction

    Wolves need culling.So will beavers. Numbers need balancing. It’s no reason to tip the entire ecosystem out of balance.....What, like introducing a species long gone from same ecosystem? There will soon be no trees left on the upper Tay to hug !!
  17. Hoolet

    Scottish v English

    Maybe we just like to keep our cards close to our chests. Hoolet.
  18. Hoolet

    Barrio switch line

    New 7/8 switch line arrived today but as it’s not my birthday until Thursday Mrs Hoolet won’t let me open the box till’ll be getting a swim on the North Esk on Saturday & I’m looking forward to it. hoolet
  19. Hoolet

    take it lying down my fawlty

    I’m going to have to stop reading this’s like watching a f**cking car crash