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    River Tay Cargill beat

    Had a good day on Cargill beat on 22 FEB 2016 one nice fish 12lb springer had a good with the gillie David photo on tay.salmonfishing on facebook
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    cargill beat

    Hi All I will be up in Perth on Monday afternoon any one around I will be staying at the Fitzroy in Perth on Monday night and fishing the cargill beat on Tuesday please ring me if you about for a chat or a drink my number is 07951858197
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    River Tay Cargill beat

    Hi All I am coming up on Monday 22nd Feb afternoon to fish the cargill beat on Tuesday 23rd feb will be staying at the Fitzroy monday night any one around will be on upper beat Tuesday 23 rd how it been fishing of late
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    Ravenglass the river esk

    Hi All I am staying on river ESK in CUMBRIA ANY INFORMATION PLEASE Would be of help were to fish and is it good for sae trout I am there from aug 4th for one week From kevin
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    Record Number of Sea Trout and Salmon in News today

    Record number of fish in rivers The number of sea trout and salmon found in rivers hit record highs last year, a research found The number of sea trout and salmon found in some English rivers has hit record highs this year, figures have shown. The Environment Agency said fish and other...
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    Hard leson lernt last week

    Hi all Hard leson lernt last week sea trout and salmon on the river aros on the tenga beat is of mull When fishing the tenga beat upper river after rain the night befor at 6.00am the next morning with good fish runing the river . I had a hard leson the hook gave way and sanp off one of the...
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    hot sun on water were have all the fish gone

    hot sun no water were have all the fish gone down south we are moveing fish from one river to a new river as the water has gone in march here in local river welen i see scotland has 23c to day how are thing up north as some reports say no fish as water to low the dry,s winter for some years
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    fishing knots web page

    hi well worth a look this page is animatedknots one of the best site i have seen from baitshop
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    Weem next week

    HI ALL Any one around on thurday 6th oct as fishing weem beat on thurday of next week 3 rods left on please let me know as i fly up on tuseday mornning to edi air port for 11.00am staying at kenmore hotel for 4 days hope to meet up if any one is around please leave pm message
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    Kenmore in October

    HI ALL Looking for a fishing mate in october as will be in kenmore on october tuesday 4 staying at kenmore hotel looking to fish the hotel beats on tuesday wednesday and thurday please leave me e mail hear or call kevin on 07951858197 look foward to the fishing i am comeing up from...
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    fly tying book for sale

    Hi All I have Some FLY FISHING BOOK To sell Classic Salmon Flies With over 165 picthures of flies to tie with history and patterns £25.00 The Handbook of Fly Ttying by Peter Gathercole £12.50 Fly Tying With Synthetics Patterns & Techniques £12.50 Fly Patterns a International Guide by...
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    salmon fly book for sale

    Hi all just put on ebay a book call Classic Salmon Flies for sale have a look this was my fathers the book has over 165 pictures of flies to tei with history and patterns . ebay Item number: 190552454767 This is a 1991edition by Bonanza books Mikael Frodin please let me know if you are...
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    Green Hart Rod any still made

    Hii all this anyone still makeing green hart rod these days or has it been lost for ever just out of interest got some old books and they say how to make one as were made in scotland years ago.
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    devon tobie

    Devon tobie help what do they look like and were to buy them as i can not find anywere
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    spiner or fly

    hi all what works the best on tay spiner or fly and what time of year spring or summer autunm as on tay in otcober and first time up to this part of scotland this year what fly to buy or spiners to get boat or waders and morning or afternoon for fishing the best time from kevin
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    hello all

    hello all i am new member kevin have been fishing salmon and trout for some time know but this year will be first time on river tay in october this year hope to meet some of you if around i will be in kenmore hotel from 4 th to 7th of oct please let me know if you are a round then from kevin...