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    Legalise Weed?

    When I think of drugs my fishing is possibly as bad but not as harmful. Have always wondered why we do not buy medical drugs from the ones that grow them in place of spending huge sums of money on greenhouses etc .to grow them in this country. Bob.
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    When been asked for a donation for some poor child with his/her big eyes looking at you ask what the chairman gets. One would be amazed at how much they get. Run for the good of those that it is supposed to be helping and not filling others pockets. Bob.
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    The Dog Gone Thread;

    We always remember the good times. When one of minds die I just get another and before you know it this one will take its place. Bob.
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    Have a friend who sold a very profitable company he owned and spends a lot of his own money building schools in some backward countries. Telling me about the schools the kids will spend 3 hours walking to get a chance for an hours schooling. Makes me realise how lucky in a way we are. Bob.
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    Scottish hero

    Better hope Andy my wife does not read that.
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    Derwent Avian Survey Help Required

    The whole country needs to think about the various birds from what I have read elsewhere. Everywhere I go I see goosanders/cormorants/magpies/jackdaws etc. all doing well. Put a goosander up on the burn on my shoot last Saturday. You can jump across it. [the burn] Bob.
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    They are coming for us too

    Read about this this morning. A joint stamen sent out form the usual ones wanting our money. The S.G.A. seams to be the only one that has stuck its head up. I used to regularly see barn owls/harriers/greenshank/redshank and even once a corncrake. All disappeared not because of the keepers but...
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    Brown envelopes ?? Wonder if that was why a certain person went to Barnyard Castle. A lot of the food sent abroad to help goes to the rebels otherwise it will not be allowed through. Charity for me starts with our own people. Bob.
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    J. Norris Sale??

    Other than a closing down sale they must have almost run out of names by now. Bob.
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    The Dog Gone Thread;

    Your photos are one of the best bits of this forum. Keep them coming. Bob.
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    Earn 2020

    Must be a lot of damage to the spawning with all this water. Certainty if it goes on much longer. Bob.
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    I Think We Should Focus More on These Type Exchanges;

    Seams a lot more grown ups and less children on here at present. Bob.
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    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    Would take it but just to act as an experimental pig. Well past my 3 score years and 10 and if it would help younger generations then that is all I would wish for. Bob.
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    A year in the life of the Tay bbc2 7.15pm

    Would like to see the hatchery given more publicity. D. Summers showed us round it a number of years ago. Thought it would be an interesting place for tourists but the cost of the health and safety measures was far to great. Just wish the Tay board would promote themselves more. Bob.
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    I Think We Should Focus More on These Type Exchanges;

    Agree. Makes the forum much friendlier. Bob.
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    Never bother if it is to sunny/dark/wet/dry /to low/to high just go and hope for the best. Have noticed over the years that a perfect fishing day to us does not often seam the same to the fish. I just go and glad that I am still able to do so. Bob.
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    also weird and wonderful

    A farmer friend of mine who's land borders a loch I fish found one of his sheep in the water with its throat torn wide open and partially eaten. Police came and said it was not the first time. Bob.
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    Atlantic Salmon on a toothpick anyone?

    Have landed many salmon on my trout rod with 8 lbs nylon no problem. That is my go to outfit for the low water and does not take much longer to land/beach them. The largest to date is 18 lbs which went to the smoker. The difference is in the conditions and time of year. The warmer water of...
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    Green heart and split cane rods

    Would not try a cast certainly with greenheart as they will have dried out and will just brake. The one with the red whippings looks like a glass rod hollow/solid. Took out my old 15 ft. Hardy that I have not used for about 20 years last season for a cast. Makes one realise how much rods have...
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    Sales Not To Be Missed?

    Used to work in a well known tackle shop in Glasgow. We always brought in stock for the sales and kept the price high before the sale. Had my own garden centre until it interfered with my fishing. Had a load of plants that were not selling so took them away for a few days and then trebled the...