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  1. rodbender

    Scierra spares

    Can anyone tell me if i can source a spare section for a Scierra surge trout fly rod in the U.K. I then managed to break my pals spare Maxcatch rod he leant me! "what a day"
  2. rodbender

    SOLD:L.T.S. short speedline 8/9 #

    L.T.S. short speedline 8/9 33 gram 35 ft test cast only no longer have the rod i bought it for £25 posted SOLD
  3. rodbender

    L.T.S. Explosive 12`6 8#sold

    L.T.S. Explosive 12`6 8# in excellent condition £375 posted U.K.
  4. rodbender

    Rio versitip 15 ft in touch intermediate 9# replacement tipsorted

    Will swap for same tip in 10 ft length 8 or 9 weight
  5. rodbender

    Airflo Airlite10/12 salmon reel

    Airflo Airlite 10/12 massive capacity reel only no case Swap for a slightly smaller 9/10 reel
  6. rodbender

    Zpey Instinct 14`6 9/10 SOLD

    Zpey Instinct 14`6 9/10 in very good condition no marks on blank bent handle model. £170 posted UK
  7. rodbender

    May be my last this season

    With a little help from my friends
  8. rodbender

    Bent handle

    I have always wanted to try one of the rods with the Zpey handle and have just got a Zpey Instinct 14`6 9/10, so far iv`e only had a short session with it not really long enough to form an opinion of the bent handle? I would like to hear from other members who have tried these rods and get...
  9. rodbender

    SOLD: Airflo 540 grain skagit compact G2 + Gaelforce running line

    Airflo skagit compact G2 540 grains new and a lightly used Gaelforce running line £30 posted U.K. only
  10. rodbender

    They switched on

    It`s unusual for me to catch one! but managed two today :D
  11. rodbender

    Only second of the season

    noticed it had some damage from a previous encounter
  12. rodbender

    Mackenzie G3 phased 5 8/9 floating head 38 grams

    Mackenzie G3 phased 5 floating 8/9 38grams 38.5 ft floating head factory loops both ends mint condition "test cast only" £30 posted
  13. rodbender

    Mackenzie DTX G2 9/10 9/10 42 gram intermediate head

    Mackenzie DTX G2 9/10 42 grams 12 metre intermediate head test cast only £18 posted
  14. rodbender

    Orvis Mach V1 + LINE

    Orvis Mach V1 in good used condition some of the writing has faded, loaded with an Airflo running line and a Norris Ni1 8/9 540 gram head and a fleece lined case £80 posted UK only
  15. rodbender

    RIO SVT versitip 10#

    Looking for a rio svt in 10 wt with tips, in excellent condition
  16. rodbender

    Tool and Mag difference

    I made an enquiry to Vision to find out if there was much difference in the action between the 14 ft Mag and the 14 ft Tool this is the reply i got back. Thank you for your enquiry. Both rods were extremely popular but I must emphasise that the Tool was always the most sought after. The Tool...
  17. rodbender

    First this season + new rod christened

    Thanks to one of Andymc`s flies
  18. rodbender

    Gaelforce Equalizer shooting head 30 grams

    Gaelforce Equalizer floating head 30 grams 37 ft used once no longer have the rod I bought it for £35 posted uk only
  19. rodbender


    R.B. Meiser 11`7 6/7/8 Highlander custom switch rod 450-700 grain window 450-475 scandi 450-500 skagit stunning wee rod but switch rods aren`t for me £350 posted U.K. only
  20. rodbender

    Gaelforce patriot skagit 500 grns.

    Looking for the above line.