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  1. Stewart4wd

    Two Salmon Reels with Spare spools and lines

    I have for sale two Shakespeare Beaulite salmon reels with 3 spare spools, all loaded with lines and backing. The lines I can identify are a #11 Wet Cel II, #10 Wet Cel IV and a Michael Evans floating Spey line which I think is #8-9 rated There is what looks like a sink tip line and another full...
  2. Stewart4wd

    SOLD: Hardy Sirrus 10’6” #7

    As above in good condition, great all rounder for rivers and still waters. Beautiful dark olive green blank (looks darker in the photos). Supplied with original Hardy guarantee card, cloth bag and rod tube. Gathering dust these days so time to move it on to a new home. £220 delivered anywhere in...
  3. Stewart4wd

    SOLD: Rio Windcutter WFF9/10/11 Multi Tip Line

    As above, hardly been used, just gathering dust. Wallet with 5 tips included. £35 posted. Cheers Stewart
  4. Stewart4wd

    SOLD: Sage VT-2 13’ #7 - 7130-4

    13’ Sage rod, 4 piece, excellent condition. Seen very little use, great with shooting heads. Looking for £280. PM me if interested. Thanks, Stewart.
  5. Stewart4wd

    Test curves

    Funny you should mention the reel, the bale arm spring went after only about 10 outings! Not impressed.
  6. Stewart4wd

    River Wear 2020

    All this photograph proves is that inbreeding is still rife in parts of the dale. I’d bet good money if the cameraman panned round there’d be someone playing a banjo on the front veranda! ‘kin idiots!
  7. Stewart4wd

    Rio Skagit Max 550g for the same in 500g

    Test cast only, the 550 is too heavy for my rod, I need a slightly lighter line.
  8. Stewart4wd

    Early November Tweed Beat recommendation

    All sorted now chaps, thanks for the recommendations.
  9. Stewart4wd

    River Wear 2020

    Nothing, I must have left not long after you. Small sea trout on the morning was all I got all day.
  10. Stewart4wd

    River Wear 2020

    Ah was that you Dave?!! I should have introduced myself!
  11. Stewart4wd

    Early November Tweed Beat recommendation

    Any recommendations for a beat on the upper Tweed for one day, 5th November, for a group of 7 rods. I’m struggling on Fishpal and Tweedbeats to find somewhere. Oh and it has to be less than £100/rod!
  12. Stewart4wd

    River Wear 2020

    Have a look at the gauges now! Still rising vertically!
  13. Stewart4wd

    River Wear 2020

    Where at Whenty? All the gauges look pretty steady and low at the minute. I think it’ll be up significantly this weekend though.
  14. Stewart4wd

    River Wear 2020

    Your point being what?
  15. Stewart4wd

    River Wear 2020

    What time did you go to Pagebank? You were unlucky! I was down first light until about 13:00 Had two Seatrout on the fly. Another chap had 5 on spinner and I know another contributor on here lost a salmon too in the evening. I never saw a fish either all morning but they’re there!
  16. Stewart4wd

    Hardy Viscount LA MkIII 10/11 Spare Spool - Wanted

    Ok seems like I'm struggling with this! Does anybody have any suggestions where I could find one? There is every size and variant possible on eBay apart from the one I want!
  17. Stewart4wd

    LPXe 15' 10/11 Line recommendations

    After all the good advice, I've now ordered a Guideline PT Evolve SH 10/11 43g/660gr full floater (£64.37 direct from Guideline) and on the basis that the John Norris Ni1 10/11 660gr seems to be virtually the same as the Rage but cheaper (£19.99), I've ordered one of those too.... and a few new...
  18. Stewart4wd

    LPXe 15' 10/11 Line recommendations

    Is that the Rage or Rage compact?
  19. Stewart4wd

    LPXe 15' 10/11 Line recommendations

    Ah I've got it now, thanks Phil. For some reason I thought that was a saltwater line! What do you use it with i.e. poly leaders, light/heavy flies etc?