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    They are coming for us too

    Grouse shooting licence move sparks 'dismay' - BBC News Grim but not unexpected reading about the SG's lack of understanding of the countryside; it's not central belt. IMO this is a very heavy handed method which will have all the antis jumping up and down, an early Christmas. The Werrity...

    Best sunglasses, for UK, River fishing

    I have the green tinted Costa 580G, they work very well for me, prescription lenses are available too. To prevent steaming up, use washing up detergent, or as divers do a bit spit. M

    Whit flee noo.

    Another vote for the WG in various guises, mostly tubes remainder doubles. M

    Salmon fishing holiday with accomodation

    I've found on the whole cottages and fishing together can make the cottage disproportionately expensive. I therefore source each separately using sites like SYKES or UNIQUE. A lot of fishing and accommodation may well be rolled forward to 2021, as mine's was. Good or suitable accommodation is at...

    Strangest thing youve seen fishing?

    Many years ago stood on a bridge over the Spey watching an angler play a large energetic fish on the fly. Eventually fish comes into the opposite bank ?? ghillie nips up and over the bridge with net. Ghillie nets a large fish and tells the guest to relax, instantly the rod is almost ripped out...

    Peat Stain!

    Much of my fishing is in rivers affected by peat stain and spate. In my opinion it is suspended matter that affects fish most, the colour probably makes fish run slower perhaps, but does not stop them taking. I usually go up a size or two, and fish a little deeper and ensure I use a gold bodied...

    Ocean waders, how safe??

    Oceans, I found them good value, BUT, the thin soles become torture when walking over uneven rocks, gravel is fine. I think the stems from the the studs are the culprit.

    life jackets

    Thanks Sash, found this useful as I will be acquiring a safety device for next season. M

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    Loaded a huge amount of orange STILLWATER 30lb hollow braided backing and then my RIO Long Belly Spey F 9-10. There's enough backing on the reel to retrieve a fish of my wildest dreams in the wildest water. M

    Polaroid Glasses & Contact Glasses

    If like me you need 2 x mag to tie knots, you may find a chore with lenses in. I don't think lenses can cope with varying fields of depth like varifocals either. I'm back on my varifocal spectacles. However I know some polarised glass makers can provide a prescription lens, might be worth...

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    The L5W 8-12 and spare spool arrived this morning, it is a belated birthday present. First impressions are that it is a well engineered and finished reel, proportions appear to be good too, it is a good fit to my my 14' fx1, I will load my Spey Rio later to see how it balances. Factory...

    Devon minnow fins?

    In the days when I used a spinning rod we used beer can pull rings, can be cut to any size, when the minnow snags the wings bend conveniently and they are free. M

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    Thankyou everyone for your input. I've decided on a L5W 8-12, which hopefully will be a good balance for my 14' fx1. Roll on 11th January. M

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    Hi Bassfly, I asked Danielsson to recommend a replacement reel for Hardy Marquis Salmon No2 used with a 14' Mackenzie fx1 along with a long belly Rio Spey floater, they came back with a L5W 8-12. I suppose it will work with my 14' MAG as well. M

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    My mind is settling towards buying one. I've seen all the very positive feedback here, along with my experience of swedish engineering it all points to "buy it". By Mon my mind will be made up, thanks for your support. M

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    Thanks for all the feedback, it appears they are highly regarded, but how did you know they were of a high standard before you bought, did you handle one and from where ? I am erring towards the above but am reluctant to pay for one until I see it in the flesh. M

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    Hi All, I am interested in the above, I've read some encouraging comments, seen the vids and like the look of the product. How did members satisfy themselves of the quality, finish etc etc, did you manage to get a hold of one before committing to a purchase ? Tks, M

    Brass foot dilemma

    I have a couple of the brass ribbed, doved-tailed Marquis Salmon No2, maybe 40yr old. I would not be so inclined to set about them with a file, they're value, if and when you came to sell would be severely reduced.

    Do you think it matters what fly

    As per Lamson, I use a WG all season in my local NW rivers. I may vary the size and weight but essentially a WG does all I need. It might be an Al tube or a double, I usually apply JC cheeks; I strongly believe in JC. Unless I am on a new beat and the ghillie advises otherwise. M


    I have a Skoda Roomster for fishing, it's only front wheel drive but it has numerous advantages. The carrying capacity is huge, it's a Skoda which means reliability, it's low cost in all departments. I get a few smiles when it pitches up at 'C' Beat amongst the gleaming Range Rovers and...