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  1. JoeE

    Vosseler passion reels

    There are a fairly quite reel in comparison to Loop Classic or Hardy Cascapedias
  2. JoeE

    Vosseler passion reels

    I owed 2 Salmologic reels, these are based on them with a different finish and ported plates. Good drag on them and Vosseler have good customer service once you get a hold of them
  3. JoeE

    Sales Not To Be Missed?

    At some point the sale item will either sell out so we don't have to worry or get cheap enough that we cant resist, it's a delicate balance
  4. JoeE

    Drams for the salmon fishing!!

    3 is the min age for it to be considered a single malt
  5. JoeE

    The River Finn

    That time of year on a falling spate Glenmore is the place to be. The beats are worth a throw but never overlook the open water ticket. Really is worth it and once the spate falls off, she will still fish in low water but you have the river mourne close by and she will be coming into order then...
  6. JoeE

    How was your season ?

    Had a brilliant year my self with some new rivers throw into the mix but the back end kinna flized out for me in the end up. Kinna feel a sense of disappointment but then have to remind myself about the great year I actually did have
  7. JoeE


    Yea he was indeed, always on the ball with anything I had and will be missed
  8. JoeE


    Had him several times on the phone to be fair. David has now also left JN
  9. JoeE


    As above, ring and grab James if you can at JN.
  10. JoeE

    odd waders

    Wychwood had a pair like these for a while with a pocket that filled with water. My mate loved them but then he never did fall in the river
  11. JoeE

    Guideline NT8 12ft 9" 8/9

    As above...get in touch
  12. JoeE

    My turn...

    No wader lasts when fishing around Briar shrub. Am convinced they should test them on irish rivers.
  13. JoeE

    Guideline lpxe 12 8/9

    I have this rod and it really is a peach of a rod. Loads of backbone and excels with Compact heads from Guideline as well as Gaelforce Spey lines. Been fishing it as my go to rod even in bigger water on spate rivers with I/2/3 head and10ft tips most of the year.
  14. JoeE

    River Wear 2020

    That is an absolute joke. Whole club should be disbanded if that’s what going on.
  15. JoeE

    Beach shelter

    No need at all to get a fishing brand and be robbed. I use one of these when at the beech for not only the kid but when am out sea trouting Millets would have a more...
  16. JoeE

    14 footer 9/10 - Guideline lpxe or Vision tool

    I have 5 LPXes V3s. They also work with a wide range of lines and a excellent casting rod at very reasonable price for performance. Fishing Shooting heads both scadi and shorter scandis as well as Galeforce spey lines with ease
  17. JoeE

    Line help for small spate river

    I'd second this, I use this line on a tiny spate river and works wonders. Another good option if you want is the Bullet 2
  18. JoeE

    River Tweed 2020

    Few fish about, when you there as Ill be about soon myself
  19. JoeE

    Vosso 6/8 Reel vs Danielsson

    I have the Guideline Vosso 6/8 and its a lovely reel. Drag knob fully off is perfect for fishing of the reel, just the right amount of slack without the chance of bird nests on the take.
  20. JoeE

    Your Biggest Gripe, 1 only

    Lads who, when they set eyes on you almost start to jog to the river so they can get ot the pool first