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  1. NEbody

    How long?

    A friend caught this on the Welsh Dee on the 15th October. It had been tagged in the fish trap at Chester weir so we know when it came into freshwater. Who would like to hazard an opinion as to when that was?
  2. NEbody

    EA consultation on extending the “sea trout only” netting season in NE England

    Announced today; closes 20th February Potential extension to the Yorkshire and North East coastal sea trout netting season - Environment Agency - Citizen Space
  3. NEbody

    Hardy Zenith 12’6” #7

    Nice rod (particularly with a #7/8 Hardy Scandi) but I don’t use it so feel it should go to someone who will. £300, inc U.K. delivery SOLD
  4. NEbody

    Coquet 2019

    Best wishes for the coming season for those who fish her. Here’s a more optimistic thread start than last year’s and hope for some water (last year’s missing ingredient) so that some fish can take advantage of the much-reduced netting pressure.
  5. NEbody

    Netting byelaws announcement

    Environment Agency announces new national salmon and sea trout byelaws - GOV.UK And Angling Trust welcomes ban on unsustainable salmon netting - The Angling Trust
  6. NEbody

    End of an era?

    Wild salmon fillets for sale on the fish stall at our local market this morning (for only £49.95 per kg). If the byelaws are changed as the EA would have them, that should be the last time I see them. Sea trout fillets were a comparative snip at a mere £39.95/kg
  7. NEbody

    Surprised this hasn't been posted already

    Mixed reaction from anglers as Environment Agency announces new rules for salmon and sea trout fishing - The Angling Trust
  8. NEbody


    I bought some of Aldo's neoprene gloves this weekend and picked up their leaflet for next week. From Sunday 4th Feb they will have magnifying lamps that look similar to this. Not sure of the size but worth a look at £20. Take your pick from white, pale blue or pink.
  9. NEbody

    Can anyone recommend a decent tube fly double?

    I'm after something that withstands a 14lb fish better than this
  10. NEbody

    2016 England and Wales salmon statistics

    This may be of interest
  11. NEbody

    EA consultation

    An email has just landed seeking views on management of salmon stocks in England and the Border Esk. Anyone else got one?
  12. NEbody

    We seem to have lost a few threads here

    Including the recent Spey/Findhorn one and I struggle to believe there's a gap of nearly a year.
  13. NEbody

    Tyne 2017

    I'll start this with a wish for a good season for all those who fish the Tyne. For those who follow Kielder releases, you should be aware of the current trial of a new release regime. Along with that is a new website Tyne Release Kielder which gives information on current and near future...
  14. NEbody

    Floating lines that sink

    When I started fishing, you expected your silk line to sink unless you kept it greased. If it started to sink and you wanted it not to, all you had to do was dry it and grease it again. It was a bit of a pain and the main reason that plastic lines now rule the world. However, I have a couple...
  15. NEbody

    Lightly hooked fish

    I hooked a fish the other day and could see that the fly was right at the front of its mouth. I was fishing alone in a spot with where the only realistic method of landing a lively fish is to net it. On the basis that the hook hold was unlikely to be particularly good, the two options were to...