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  1. bankwheel

    Tay crocodile

    Had a good day on the Tay yesterday, had a fish on for about a minute in the morning then and two in the afternoon. Also had a few takes and pools, sink 3/4 with a long tspered leader
  2. bankwheel

    LG Custom Rod

    Selling a fantastic rod built by Lyndsey Grant, this is a fishing rod not a casting weapon, best with 34 to 38g you won’t find one like it anywhere, lovely piece of kit, £400 posted
  3. bankwheel

    A few days on the Tay

    Just back from a few days on the Tay at Lower Kinnaird with some great friends, Thursday was pouring rain all day with really low pressure, Friday we started with a big water but it dropped quick, I managed a couple of fish, one on my second cast of the morning and the next on my first cast of...
  4. bankwheel

    Editing Posts

    Why can't we edit posts that we put in the classified's they all seem to be locked for editing now?
  5. bankwheel

    Frichy Pliers

    Nice set of Frichy fishing pliers / cutters great condition, no longer required. Comes with pouch and lanyard £30
  6. bankwheel

    Rage Hover 480grain

    New and unused 480grain Hover head, 30’ and sits just under the surface £25
  7. bankwheel

    Umpqua waist pack

    Umpqua Zero Sweep waist pack, mint condition only used once. One of the very best, loads of storage pockets and attachments, waist and shoulder straps. £100 posted
  8. bankwheel

    OPST commando head and tips

    Commando head 400grains or 25.9g plus floating tip and S2/S3 tip both 12’ head has a small touch of Aquasure to protect loops. £50 for all 3. SOLD, pending the usual
  9. bankwheel

    Fish for my wife today

    The smile says it all
  10. bankwheel

    A wee one from today

    One of three
  11. bankwheel

    Hardy Demon 9000 spools

    I have some Hardy Demon 9000 spools with backing for sale. PM me if interested
  12. bankwheel

    A few wee ones from today

    Some Pheasant Tails and a Purple Cascade on Size 12 doubles
  13. bankwheel

    One Rod Test

    Ok guys, just a laugh but lets say the wife, husband or partner has discovered just how many rods you have and how much they cost, they tell you that you are only allowed to keep one outfit (cos that's all you need right?) and you have to sell the rest to pay for the family holiday. So one out...
  14. bankwheel

    Olive salmon hen cape

    Guys, I am looking for a hen cape dyed olive for salmon flies, do any of you have one you don't need?
  15. bankwheel

    Mini Phatagorva

  16. bankwheel

    Yella Dug

    Ayrshire’s naming of the Garry Dog, the original and a modern Scandi version. I used the original pretty much exclusively when I was young fishing the River Irvine. Simple yet really effective, I’m liking these old flies more and more.
  17. bankwheel

    1960's Hardy Perfect

    Got an old Hardy perfect, its a 3 3/4" great for shorter rods around the 12' to 13' mark, its in great condition and sounds great but it just sits in a bag and never gets used. Looking for £375 just to get my money back.
  18. bankwheel


    I am moving on some of my older Salmologic rods in order to make way for the new range if anyone is interested please PM me and I will let you know what is available
  19. bankwheel


    Been tying mostly singles this season, really like the way the sit in the water, you can tie them really slim as well compared to tubes, I will also be tying plenty of these over the coming weeks.
  20. bankwheel

    River Findhorn Fishing

    Information on the river Findhorn Association Water, please support this, lets not nit pick on the detail, the message is clear. Thanks guys! "Due to the situation with Covid-19 the committee of the FAA felt that we need to take some action to protect our members and the general public from the...