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    They are coming for us too

    Grouse shooting licence move sparks 'dismay' - BBC News Grim but not unexpected reading about the SG's lack of understanding of the countryside; it's not central belt. IMO this is a very heavy handed method which will have all the antis jumping up and down, an early Christmas. The Werrity...

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    Hi All, I am interested in the above, I've read some encouraging comments, seen the vids and like the look of the product. How did members satisfy themselves of the quality, finish etc etc, did you manage to get a hold of one before committing to a purchase ? Tks, M

    How much is it worth

    A non fishing friend is having a clear out before moving south of the border. He has an 11' 3" B&W DH Powerlite in immaculate condition, can anyone tell me a typical sale value for this rod, thanks. If anyone is interested in it they should contact myself. Thanks, M

    Is there salmon fishing to be had

    For 1/2 days in early June in the Lake district. I'll based near Penrith, any contacts or guidance will be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. M

    Scotland has gone totally bonkers

    I could name a number of public agencies in Scotland, all failing to meet the populations needs, the NHS is a prominent case. But what do we have here, a seal pup is flown from the Hebrides to Glasgow for treatment, and will be returned, yeah Gods, what is happening Seal flown from Western Isles...

    Gabion baskets

    Does anyone have contact details for an installer in the Ullapool area ? Small tricky job but very important. thanks. M

    Owner doubles hooks for tubes

    Saw some the other day, Japanese Coy. but made in China, narrow eye, look well made, at first glance seem similar to LOOP, but cheaper (of course). Anyone got experience of them ? M

    Heard on BBC Scotland

    this morning the first that I know of, public announcement of the 'frankenfish' created on the other side of the Atlantic. The existence of this mongrel atlantic salmon has received some low level publicity in the recent past over here. Now its been mentioned openly by public broadcast tends to...

    Cork repair

    The cork on my DTX has developed a few good sized holes. I've never tackled a cork repair before, so I am seeking guidance. What materials do I need to fill and finish the handle and where do I acquire them, thanks. M

    HELMSDALE area under threat from a WIND FARM, please Object..........

    Another wind farm is planned for the North which will have a large visual impact on the quality of Strath Kildonan and damage the pleasure of fishing in a remote and wild part of Scotland. If you like me treasure this part of the world I urge you to express your concern, I have attached the 'e'...

    16' sage

    Any takers, pm me, thanks. M

    The fish have arrived

    Been away for a week. Returned to find local rivers in excellent order. Expecting to find grilse instead I had salmon no grilse at all, fish were in the bracket 8 to 13lbs. Many were quite marked I presume from struggling through the rapids at the start of the river, previous years grilse seem...

    Inexpensive Ladies bootfoot waders, not for my personal use !!

    Where can I find a pair of 5.5/6 thigh waders, to be used for a few days/yr only ? I can hire something approaching, I think they are OCEANS which to my personal knowledge I know kill your feet, any other ideas ? Tks. M

    Cheese wire effect of SIMMS G4 Boa

    Has anyone else had a problem with the ss wire cutting into the upper of the boot. Less than a year old and almost cut through and about to damage the neoprene of the stocking foot. Not had any problems with the wire breaking........yet, but I bought and carry a spare. BTW I watched a...

    Introduction of beavers in the North

    Not content with the damage to property, orchards & agricultural land a nature charity want to bring them North. I have seen first hand on the Tay the damage these creatures do, I do not want them up here. Bid to bring beavers to northwest Highlands - BBC News M

    Repairing the lacquer finish

    My 13' Mackenzie GTX has a burgundy coloured lacquer finish which has been scratched through down to the carbon in a few places. The carbon is undamaged. I've asked Scott Mackenzie if he can refinished the rod, but unfortunately he cannot. I have it from a rod builder that the lacquer colour...

    No lice on recent grilse and salmon

    The grilse began running our NW Highland spate rivers when the rain brought the local rivers up around early July. Up to then they had been gathering in the river mouths awaiting water much to the delight of the local seal population. The 2016 Spring runs of msw fish have been poor compared to...

    Praying for rain

    It's not often you hear that up here. Uncharacteristically it's been weeks since we had a lift in the rivers, they are down to bare bones and the brown scummy growth is covering the bottom of many runs and pools. At the same time the seals are growing fatter at the river mouths feeding on prime...

    Monofil v Fluorocarbon

    4 seasons ago I was encouraged by a ghillie to start using Seaguar for a bunch of reasons. Before that I had used Maxima in its various styles for more years than I can remember. As another season is about to begin I am undecided because of a couple of events and tales I have heard. In my...

    Hardy Marquis Salmon No 1 spare spool

    As it says, in good order, tks