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  1. JoeE

    Guideline NT8 12ft 9" 8/9

    As above...get in touch
  2. JoeE

    Padded jackets that are shower proof

    I have been wearing these the past while but there not shower proof. Now when I say shoer proof am after something that will a good shower for about 10 - 15mins but it not a wading jacket am after. Any one any thoughts or suggestions on alternatives, does not need to be a fishing brand
  3. JoeE

    How do you carry your McLean net

    Lots of us now use the larger McLean landing nets in Salmon and Sea Trout sizes. It's been a bugbear of mine with the standard strap around the body mode of wearing these so looking for ideas from anyone who has rigged something up themselves.
  4. JoeE

    When you just know he's not hooked right

    Had a fish on yesterday, he took the fly and I was in. But I had a feeling he's just not on correctly. Gave a right few head shakes and a dam good bend in the rod. Started to move up river at a steady pace and I was keeping in contact nicely. Was being pretty forceful with the rod tying to make...
  5. JoeE

    Zpey Instinct 12ft

    If anyone has one of these please get in touch
  6. JoeE

    Salmoloigc 22g Shortcuts

    Wondering if anyone has some 24g Logic heads they'd want to swap for 22g Shortcuts? I have all the SC 22g heads
  7. JoeE

    Cant source this anywehre

    Been trying to find the below spool but been hopeless so far. Any one got some leads :unsure:(y) Its like thread and kinna fritzy as well.
  8. JoeE

    Guideline Heads 11/12 - Float

  9. JoeE

    Guideline Heads

    Have a range of heads here that I just don't like. £22 each to include postage Note: Both 8/9s sold
  10. JoeE

    Salmologic Logic Heads & Leaders 35g

    I have a full set of these for sale in all densities at £30 each per head including postage. Note: SOLD The Full Float has small signs of wear but perfectly fishable. Payment by Paypal Friends or Family Only (Unless you pay the fees) or bank transfer
  11. JoeE

    Hardy Perfect 4inch - Immaculate Condition

    Hardy Perfect 4inch Ws -England Made - Immaculate Condition I have for sale a immaculate condition hardy prefect 4 inch Wide Spool with box and pouch. (and paperwork) I got this from bankwheel a handful of months ago thinking yes I want the noise but after one day I lost that thought :help...
  12. JoeE

    Guideline LPXe V3 10ft 6' #7

    Would take one of these if someone who isn't giving it much use.....
  13. JoeE

    Salmologic Serenity DH 13’6″ 6-pieces Line wt. 35 grams/540 grains

    Salmologic Serenity DH 13’6″ 6-pieces Line wt. 35 grams/540 grains SOLD Sold
  14. JoeE

    RIO Intouch Skagit Max Gamechanger

    Like it has a long enough name so you'd think it should cast far :confused: Anyone been using these in the 600 to 680 range, thoughts opinions and what not?
  15. JoeE

    16ft LPXe V3

    Anyone have one of these not being used? Or a 17?
  16. JoeE


    Vosseler / Salmologic Has anyone had dealings with this firm for reel repairs ? I have been trying to get a reel repaired for weeks but am yet to receive a reply from Vosseler across multiple contact platforms. It's like a black hole. The last repair I needed took 6 months and that's with a...
  17. JoeE

    Simms Rolltop Hip Bag

    Have the below bag picked up in an ebay auction few months ago. Never liked it while using the big mclean nets as well so let someone else have it £60 posted
  18. JoeE

    Patagonia River Salt - Size M - Tan

    Had this up before but didn't move so post it again. Freshly treated with Grangers. All zip working. All bungie cords in good condition. Velcro cuffs perfect. £150 posted ono
  19. JoeE

    Salmologic Classico No3

    Size No. 3: 100 meters 50 lbs backing, line capacity 24-31 g / 370-478 gr / reel weight – 407 grams £450 incl postage ono
  20. JoeE


    In the market for a modern 12fter. LPXe V3 preferrably or similar