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  1. NEbody

    Which switch

    I use my switch rod in places like this where a longer rod is a liability in the overhanging branches. The trees make overhead casts impossible so I’m invariably using some variant of a Spey cast, usually casting single-handed. For my purposes, a 27g switch line does the business and isn’t...
  2. NEbody

    River Wear 2020

    Salmon get the “conservation“ because the government do what’s required to comply with international agreements, albeit reluctantly and several years later than desirable. Sea trout don’t have as much international interest. This recent stuff around stopping the beach nets is the first that’s...
  3. NEbody

    River Wear 2020

    Not directly that I’m aware of but this is quite informative
  4. NEbody

    River Wear 2020

    As Greenlaner says, it was about then that monofilament nets came in and there were no limits on how many licences could be issued. The net limitation orders started in response to the huge increase in net catches and were effectively the only control until the drift net buyout in 2003, which...
  5. NEbody

    Diawa Air AGS

    I think they’ve just fallen out of fashion. When I started out in this game, Daiwa were good, workmanlike rods that people bought who couldn’t stretch to a B&W. I suspect they probably still are but haven’t had the marketing push that others have.
  6. NEbody

    River Wear 2020

    Back in the day, was there not a sea trout only licence, which might explain why reported sea trout numbers were better than reported salmon? It seems to me that there are 3 versions of the story: 1 the counter that fish can easily bypass in decent running conditions so will always understate...
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    How to edit a post

    Failing that, ask Admin and they’ll do it for you
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    that one was from a walk from Alnmouth to Warkworth
  9. NEbody

    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    If the countryside is crowde, you might have to fight them on the beaches
  10. NEbody

    Wading boots

    That’s two beneficial uses for the stuff suggested in one week?
  11. NEbody

    Peat Stain!

    That seems to be common but not only in forested catchments. It seems to be due to changes in peat when it dries out in prolonged dry weather. That’s exacerbated by drainage, such as people do when they plant trees in boggy places. It causes problems for the water industry because it’s...
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    Peat Stain!

    If the fish are responding to a chemical or olfactory signal, you could get some confusion if the water released has come from another catchment, as in quite a few Scottish rivers. Kielder is quite straightforward: no water transfer into it, just what falls in its catchment so no “foreign“...
  13. NEbody

    Peat Stain!

    Probably: there’s a lot of bo!!ocks talked about Kielder. It does affect water quality and it obviously affects the flow regime but some of the changes are positive and the acidity thing is one. Another is that the North Tyne never gets as low as it did in dry summers: before the reservoir...
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    Peat Stain!

    The water that comes out of Kielder isn’t acidic. Some of the burns that flow into it can be at times but that water gets mixed in the reservoir with a much bigger volume of water that isn’t. Because of that the pH is about neutral and doesn’t vary as much as it would if the reservoir wasn’t...
  15. NEbody

    Ocean waders, how safe??

    You’re probably better without the belt. If they fill up, they’re they same density as the water round them, so they won.t pull you under, although they’ll be too heavy to move in once you get out, which is why Falkus said to crawl out and stick your legs in the air to drain them. if you have...
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    'Fess up. Which one of you sent this letter?

    Can’t do that for months: anything you catch except in the month of June will be coloured or a kelt/baggot/rawner
  17. NEbody

    New boots for 2021

    I think felt and Vibram are differently but equally lethal without studs and I’m another fan of Supatracks.
  18. NEbody

    Replacement Rio scandi virsi tip short body 7#

    There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use the tips with another line, providing you can find one with a similar profile. One obvious route would be a skagit head.
  19. NEbody

    Thinking about buying a Danielsson L5W 8-12

    That’s because it’s Swedish VAT
  20. NEbody

    Danielsson for 14’6” Hardy Zephrus

    There is no duty until the end of this year because Sweden is in the EU and if you pay Swedish VAT, you won’t have to pay UK VAT. After the end of this year, who knows what will be agreed and when?