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  1. Jack Holroyd

    Not been tying salmon flies long hope to get good feed back on the flys

    10 / 10. perfect proportions.
  2. Jack Holroyd

    Leader Material - Nylon vs Flourocarbon ?

    Maxima dark, 12 and 15 For me . It’s not let me down in 50 seasons.
  3. Jack Holroyd

    Great news for fans of Mortimer and Whitehouse

    Sorry to disagree with some of the old farts here, but I am thoroughly enjoying the series, all programmes so far. A little fishing, a little buddies getting on with life. If you are so much your own ##@e, off you go to watch coraneastniebors or get a life.
  4. Jack Holroyd

    My first post- intro and question about september

    The best bet for me in the autumn is N Esk , if you can find a rod. The South is also good. Lower Spey and lower Tay are great but very expensive. Other rivers include Teith, Orchy, Ness, Doon and Earn. The best beats are booked well in advance , but you may be lucky. tight lines.
  5. Jack Holroyd

    Willie Gun tube

    Very good fly but not a willie gun.
  6. Jack Holroyd

    Julian Bream

    He was a genius. Thanks for that Brian.
  7. Jack Holroyd

    France want more cash !!

    If they were genuine refugees, they would apply for refugee status in France , Italy, Turkey, Spain or Greece , wherever they landed after fleeing the country that oppressed them.
  8. Jack Holroyd

    France want more cash !!

    Sorry, I did not know you were appying for asylum.
  9. Jack Holroyd

    France want more cash !!

    Sorry Safranfoer, these boat people are not asylum seekers, they are ILLEGAL immigrants. If they were genuine asylum seekers they would have applied for asylum before they left their original country, or from another SAFE country . France is not unsafe. Please tell me why they don’t claim asylum...
  10. Jack Holroyd

    Beat allocation.

    I’ve had the experience of fishing with many, very many ghillies over the last 47 years and the vast majority have been superb ghillies and buddies on the river. I’ve learned more from them than from all the Learned books. There were a few ghillies who were ,,,,,, not helpful and frankly made...
  11. Jack Holroyd

    Sunray shadow fishing for salmon

    Sorry guys , you seem to think I was talking about FLY fishing. Fast lure is what we have . Fly is olive dun, sedge. When I catch salmon on the collie dog , it is on an escaping lure , which the salmon MUST snap before is escapes. A dropper must be fishing too fast if it is fishing fast enough...
  12. Jack Holroyd

    Sunray shadow fishing for salmon

    When you land a fish on the collie/ Sunray, don't congratulate yourselves, get straight back in as there will be more coming through and taking. Possibly the last off the tide. Once you have had that explosive take, you will want more.
  13. Jack Holroyd

    Sunray shadow fishing for salmon

    i was told about the deadly collie dog over thirty years ago and didn't believe it. ( collie dog is the a 1/2 inch tube with 4 inches of black , that's all. Back in the eighties all fly sizes were in length from eye to bend of hook. So a size 8 only measured 1/3 inch. The same fly now is 2 1/2...
  14. Jack Holroyd

    North Esk

    Top pic is Allen stream, great pool, surprisingly deep up in the neck. Second the Viaduct, great pool just as the tide fills and the salmon slip in. They only swirl in the tail but take a three inch collie dog stripped , like tigers.
  15. Jack Holroyd

    Old Poacher

    Thinking back to the 70s and 80s and we did twist the rules a bit ,sometimes a lot ,,,ish, but we were never caught. I know this is no excuse and am embarrassed for my past infractions......Dont ask.
  16. Jack Holroyd

    Yorkshire worms

    There is nothing,,,, nothing in our sport like the take of a salmon. The long draw of a take to the fly . The jag, Jag of a take to the spinner. The dip of a float for a shrimp , but The gentle rub, rub then draw with a salmon taking the worm is special. Pity it's banned.
  17. Jack Holroyd

    Yorkshire worms

    Small lobs would my first choise, however, they are not easily available. Don't buy them, they are invariably dead quickly, whereas big dendrobas travel well and are long lived. If you get small lobs, keep them cool in moss or wet paper, big denbibs in torn wet paper. Keep them cool, they will...
  18. Jack Holroyd

    Yorkshire worms

    For salmon worming ,lob worms and brandlings (dendros) are our main baits. If you let the salmon take the bait well down you you will innevitably deep hook it. If however you lift on the second bump, you will lip hook in the mouth
  19. Jack Holroyd

    New Scottish Government Advice

    She hits the nail on the head, she also rips Trump apart beautifully.
  20. Jack Holroyd

    one fly til the end of the season

    One fly till the end of the season ? Easy; gold bodied cascade, tied v long , no smaller than size eight ( 1 1/2 inch). I only use three flies now , cascade, collie dog 3inch +, and occasional silver stoat in fast water. It makes life much easier when I know they work and I don't chop and change...