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  1. Rennie

    Whit flee noo.

    Not so much as changing the flee, more change what you do with it and how you do it! Pedro.
  2. Rennie

    Which switch

    Mikek1, I use an Airflo 40+ 7weight floater on the 6 weight rod and the Airflo 40+ 8 weight floater on the 7 weight rod.They both cast really strongly, esp. the 6 weight rod which has a strong Scandi action. The 6 weight rod I use Trout polys on-10fters and the 7 weight turns over 10ft Salmon...
  3. Rennie

    Which switch

    Being honest K28,there's not much difference between most 11ft 6 ins switch rods and most 13fters, it usually boils down to 18" of carbon. £ to a p they'll chuck the same lines near enough the same distance and you could be using them in near enough the same restricted space's. Where I would say...
  4. Rennie

    Diawa Air AGS

    Think what dulled Diawa's sales of Salmon fly rods, was going the traditional route, or trying to!.You know, the made in Scotland/UK thing, when largely the rods were assembled in Scotland by a Japanese company.Just tell the truth Diawa, as it is/was and folk would accept good rods for what they...
  5. Rennie

    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    Perhaps we're supposed to live our allotted statistically expected life span, then shuffle!, that way the pension companies keep our brass, the Govt. don't have to pay health care for us old dinosaurs and the worlds population will drop to statistically acceptable level's all round.No need for...
  6. Rennie

    Water proof rucksack!

    Wifes just had a rummage on the Aldi website and its not there, I might be in the store again Sat. so I can check again then for you! Pete.
  7. Rennie

    Water proof rucksack!

    No its not that one Colin!, just in so I'll rummage round for a clear description!. P.
  8. Rennie

    Water proof rucksack!

    Just back from my husbandly duties doing the weekly shop at Aldi and as a special buy, they'd a waterproof Rucksack for £9.99.Had a good rummage of it and it dosen't look too shabby at all.Two internal organisers and an outside sealed zip pocket.Fold and buckle top to seal the main compartment...
  9. Rennie

    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    I don't trust what I'm told and especially do not trust those doing the telling. My mantra on life and just about anything, is never to rush in to anything!. On that line of thought alone, I wont be beating a path to the local witch doctors to be treated like a pin cushion. I'll personally be...
  10. Rennie

    Salmon fishing holiday with accomodation

    You could do far worse than a Ticket on the Association Water at Grantown on Spey and taking a static Caravan on the excellent site there.No doubt there'd be self catering digs there in the local area, as well as B+B accommodation too!. Pedro.
  11. Rennie

    Balancing Rod and line

    Geordieboy, you don't need a specific length of poly leader for certain lengths of rod. Keeping things simple, a poly leader is a tapered leader covered in a sinking polymer.You wouldn't start fishing with any line on any rod with merely 5ft of leader material?, it wouldn't cast well or present...
  12. Rennie

    Some pics of a road trip i did in 2005, Skye and west coast of Scotland

    Looks like your road trip cost you a new tyre!, bet the Prilla was great fun on those roads!. More than envious of your collection! Pedro.
  13. Rennie

    Strangest thing youve seen fishing?

    Had a bat swimming upstream towards me, looked like the Dosal fin of a Great White in the 1/2 light!.Seen a white horse in a graveyard not long after midnight while out Sea Trouting!. My pal had a football floating round in the big eddy next to his feet on a flooded river Trent one day, only it...
  14. Rennie

    A few rivers ,mates and a Salmon or two

    As mash go's Colin, thats a pretty tasty plateful indeed.Wish I were a fish behind you!. Pedro.
  15. Rennie

    also weird and wonderful

    It wouldn’t have got close enough to me to attack for the smell!. P.
  16. Rennie

    How to fly fish deep pools?

    Oh yes a shooting head will fish deep Rotenone, try my 2/4/6 3D, or my Double Dunter or 850 DWE.Anvil down a mineshaft stuff, esp. when spliced up to dedicated 40lb mono! Pedro.
  17. Rennie

    Peat Stain!

    One of my club fishings on Ribble can be affected often quite heavily by peat stain.Just wondering what level of Peat stain, or Ph reading or indeed acidity level begins to switch Salar off, and then to the point why?. Is it down to a change in the water quality, or Salar just needing time to...
  18. Rennie

    An attempt on a banana

    Loving it!. Pedro.
  19. Rennie

    Atlantic Salmon on a toothpick anyone?

    My 1st ever fish came on a 10ft glass trout rod (Tony Fordnahm 10ft 7 weight) , Grimm Fly reel (pat, Tyke!) to 3lb cast and a size 16 Hardy's Gold Butcher, It took 40 mins to land with me running up n down after it, 18lb!. My second came from the mighty Tay on an 18ft rod (Bob Church Taysider)...
  20. Rennie

    Locked Down Tweed ?

    If I remember rightly, the guy who did manage it was Irish?, he had a specially converted camper van to help with his efforts of travelling and fishing various rivers. Mindst you my memory? - - - - Pedro.