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  1. Tyke777

    Yorkshire Day 1st August

    Wishing all fellow Yorkies a Happy Yorkshire Day, have a good one ? (y)
  2. Tyke777

    Eco Warriors - Banning Meat at Enfield Council

    Enfield Council is set to become the first elected body in the UK to ban meat from December 2020 in an attempt to tackle climate change, unbelievably they have just voted on and passed the “Enfield climate action plan 2020”, a pal who lives in the borough and operates a butchers shop is totally...
  3. Tyke777

    Interesting Web Cams Around the World

    Spending alot more time sat in front of the Computer I've been seeking out some interesting webcams (not that sort before anyone suggests :D) one in Panama is very good. Panama Fruit Feeder Cam | The Canopy Family | Birdwatching in Panama a couple of snipped pictures from earlier this...
  4. Tyke777

    Salmon Farming as we know it cannot continue

    I had the following emailed to me tonight from a pal of mine, indeed it is incredulous that this industry is simply getting away with murder - it just cannot continue in its current form, the numbers being "officially quoted" are beyond belief :help: Click on some of these links to see the...
  5. Tyke777

    Rolling Thunder - London 28th September

    I happened to be in London at the weekend visiting the The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show: The UK's Finest Whisky Festival which I had been looking forwards to for a very long time :nod::thumb: what a great "day out" it turned out to be, both for my palate, tasting new whiskys which I would never...
  6. Tyke777

    Flying Seals !!

    This short video clip just shows the power that Killer Whales have - check out the playful? behaviour at 28 secs onwards, just the power needed - its amazing Transient orca punts a seal 80 feet into the air near Victoria, BC! - YouTube
  7. Tyke777

    Ticks - the wee devils!!

    I was up on the west coast last week for a couple of days, it was short notice so Jarvis the Cocker had not been prepared sadly. fished Friday, Saturday and back Sunday (1 small fish and a couple of Sea Trout :thumb:) So far I have removed 18 ticks from him!! horrible things they are - I am...
  8. Tyke777

    Sawbills have had a good breeding season

    :shocked: I just couldnt believe this picture from twitter today, taken I know not where but sincerely its not from a river near you :wow: Just tracked it down see this link 1 Hen, 76 Ducklings: What’s the Deal With This Picture? - The New York Times
  9. Tyke777

    Office Printers

    Is there anyone on the forum that can recommend or suggest a good, efficient and relatively cheap to run either laser or ink jet colour printer for a small office - offering a wireless connection to three desks. The good old Epsom WF-4630 we have run for a few years now has finally just given...
  10. Tyke777

    1 in 5 Farms do not meet SEPA Standards

    This makes very grim reading, things MUST CHANGE :surrender: Read this link : One in five Scottish fish farms 'not meeting standards' - BBC News
  11. Tyke777

    Yorkshire Day

    I bid you all far and wide a Great Yorkshire Day :clap2: :cheer2: :juggle: :flame: Have a good One !!
  12. Tyke777

    Flies for Grilse - whats your favourite, never fail fly ??

    Its soon getting to the time of year when the Grilse runs are back, those great summer days, fishing the heads and Tails of Pools, throwing a hitch fly or Collie Dog across to see if anything has a go.... My favorite Grilse fly over the years has become an Ayrshireman (but I'm no expert), but...
  13. Tyke777


    Has anyone else entered into the Movember moustache growing in November to raise money for the Mens Health Charity, its been quite a good laugh in the local.
  14. Tyke777

    Bird Eating Fish !!

    These are something else, great filming again from Blue Planet. A much sought after fish on the fly, and you can see why.... BBC One - Blue Planet II, Series 1, One Ocean, Bird eating fish takes to the air
  15. Tyke777

    Tribes, Predators & Me - BBC2

    Did anyone see this tonight on BBC2, this is one trip I personally would love to experience - hunting with Golden Eagles from Horseback - simply stunning.
  16. Tyke777

    Sea Trouting Set Up wanted

    Hi,I am looking for a Rod, Reel and Line for the future son in law!! We are off up to the western isles in a couple of weeks and would like to introduce him to estuary fishing and sea pool fishing for Sea Trout while we are there. Has anyone got a surplus to requirement set up that I may...
  17. Tyke777

    Scourie - The Mayfly

    Evening all, hope that someone can put a pal of mine in the right direction, he is thinking of heading up to Scourie for a few days, hopefully catching the May Fly hatch. Any ideas, when and where with contacts would be good. Many thanks Malcolm :D
  18. Tyke777

    Single Handed Set up

    Hi, Anyone out there got a nice single handed set up they want to move on, not being used etc. - drop me a pm Many Thanks
  19. Tyke777

    Western Isles Foray

    Hi All, Just returned from a foray up to the Western Isles, it became a very "fluid week" in more ways than one - the reason for my post is a gentleman on the forum very kindly sent me half a dozen or so flies to try ...... (at very very short notice may I add) pictured below shows some of their...
  20. Tyke777

    Happy Yorkshire Day!!

    Just like to wish all fellow Yorkies a Great Yorkshire day :cool::cool: